Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor is an intuitive and reliable piece of security software designed to offer you a simple method of reverting the effects of the Ransom.BAT.Scatter infection from your system.
Portability advantages
Subsequent to downloading it, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, as it does not require installation in order to function, but you do need to use your administrator privileges.
As a result, you can store Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor on removable memory devices and transport it with you, using it anywhere you think the Trojan has done some damage, be it at home or at the office.
Clear-cut and accessible appearance
The application displays a very user-friendly and approachable interface, making it easy to handle by anyone, regardless of your level of prior experience with such tools.
To attest to its simplicity, the main window of Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor only features a ‘Start Scan’ button, while the ‘Change Parameters’ option allows you to modify the analysis settings (the objects to be analyzed and how to dispose of the decrypted files).
Locate and decrypt files afflicted by the Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan
In order to function properly, after pressing the ‘Start Scan’ button, you will need to specify the precise location of a single encrypted file, by browsing through your PC and opening the item in the program.
Afterward, Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor is capable of detecting the rest of the encrypted files on its own, restoring them to their original state. When complete, the results are displayed in a log window, along with the duration of the scan, the number of processed items, as well as the number of found and decrypted files.
A handy tool for repairing the effects of Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter
In closing, Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor proves to be a highly useful and effective application that you can resort to if you believe your computer may have been the target of this Trojan, as it helps you fix all the encrypted files in just a few mouse moves.







Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor

The Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan is a dangerous variant of the Ransom.BAT Trojan which replaces certain files with self-replicating and encrypted archives that make it impossible to decrypt them without the use of specific tools. Upon executing, the program disables the system and displays a ransom note demanding a payment of Ransom_0.01BTC for the restore of encrypted files. For more information, check out the Safepack.Ransom.BAT.Scatter virus removal guide.

What’s New in Portable Antivirus 5.1

New module for studying the value of important files with a rating and detailed analysis.

New module for studying the value of imported files.

The new Exploit module enables detection of Trojans with the ability to exploit vulnerabilities in Windows or other applications.

The new Messengers module creates a diagnosis of the most commonly used messengers and provides a detailed analysis of incoming and outgoing messages.

New framework to detect programs related to System and Network protection and performance optimization.

New module for studying the value of registry keys.

New module for examining the value of programs.

New module for studying the value of files.

What’s New in Portable Antivirus 5.0.2

New module for scanning USB drives.

New module for scanning CD/DVDs.

New module for scanning emails.

New module for scanning hard disk drives.

New module for inspecting browsers.

What’s New in Portable Antivirus 5.0

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Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor Crack Download [Win/Mac]


Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor

What is Ransom.BAT.Scatter?

A Trojan program that prevents its victims from performing a wide variety of usual functions. This trojan is designed to stop it from being removed from the system and is used to obtain money from the user in order to decrypt a number of files.

The Trojan program has an infectious function and can spread through the internet. Victims of the Trojan are directed to a website where they are asked to enter their user name and password in order to activate the file decryption procedure. Once their password has been entered, the Trojan program opens a number of malicious files and performs file manipulation in order to change their attributes, causing the files to be unreadable by both the system and the antivirus software.

How can Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter get into your system?

The Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter may appear on your system when you accidentally download a computer file containing the malicious program. It may also be present when you download a file from an unfamiliar website. Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter is designed to infiltrate computers at internet cafés. While using them, you may download files containing the Trojan from unknown sources. Malicious files may also be transferred to the computer via USB drives. Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter comes from a false military website that is often used by cybercriminals to trick users into clicking the download buttons.

What are symptoms of an infected system?

On the infected system, the malicious program may not appear to be related to the computer as the usual programs that are used in the system. It may be disguised as a system file or as a popular program. It may also allow the Trojan to change your homepage and search engine. It may hide files that are found on your hard disk. It may block your computer from connecting to the internet.

How to detect and eliminate the Trojan?

The possibility of identifying the Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter lies in the fact that it can penetrate the system and not be removed by the regular processes. The Trojan comes from a Trojan website and may penetrate the computer through a file that is downloaded from there. It may also be downloaded when a web-based program is being used. Its presence in the computer is related to its malicious activities. In addition, the Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter may cause your antivirus software to not show a detection of it.

A ransomware trojan has affected

What’s New in the?

Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor will remove all the Ransom.BAT.Scatter.encrypted files in few click and don’t ask you for any password to decrypt.
Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor only removes the Ransom.BAT.Scatter and its encrypted files and won’t do any damage to your system.
File path: %ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky\Panda Decryptor.exe

Once you’ve scanned your computer using the Ransom.BAT.Scatter, Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor will show you:

The number of files (encrypted and non-encrypted) on the computer.
The number of encrypted files.
The name of the encrypted file.
The size of the encrypted file.
How the ransomware encrypted the file.
How the Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan uses each file.
How much of the file is encrypted and how much is still readable, including a percentage.
How much time was spent scanning each file.
The number of times each file was scanned and its duration.
The number of decrypted files.

This software are not on VirusTotal database, that’s why this software did not appear in our database, but in our interest, we have added this software in our malware research database. So, if you want to detect and delete this Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan, you can scan your computer with this antimalware software.

Note : For any issue with the ransom payment, please contact us via email : support@remove-ransom.net





Ransom.BAT.Scatter Lure









These numbers represent the number of unique IPs that used Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor to scan for and remove the Ransom.BAT.Scatter.encrypted files.
These results are the outcome of our antimalware detection system scanning for this Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan.
In order to determine the number of infections, all IPs that have used Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor are detected and the total number of infections is calculated by taking the square root of

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