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do Pré-facil Timbiras 2 · .
of English literature at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1984, but. In 1992, Stemberg began work on a first edition published in 2000.. Dissoi Logoi. 12 Kowalchuk. D. A.. Stemberg’s dissertation compares the once. A Fuller Description of Stemberg’s Opus 12. PdfQ:

How to open url in chrome using selenium without giving the google.com site in the url for selenium in java?

I have to automate the test in my application and want to use selenium for automation. For that I want to open some specific site (not google.com) in new tab using selenium. Is there any way to do this with selenium?


You can use the chromedriver if you want to stay with selenium.
You can also use the firefox-driver and the Firefox webdriver if you want to use selenium

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a method of controlling current for generating electric power in a power system.
2. Background Art
Conventionally, a short circuit fault or a load short circuit fault, as one type of a fault occurring in a power system, is detected by means of an overcurrent relay or a breaker. In the case of the former, when an overcurrent exceeding the rated value flows in the system, the overcurrent relay is activated and electric power from the power system is shut down. In the case of the latter, when the electric power supplied to the circuit fails to be shut down and an overcurrent exceeding the rated value flows, the breaker of the circuit is shut down.
In conventional methods of controlling current for generating electric power in a power system, when a fault occurs in a circuit on which electric power is supplied from the power system, the fault is detected by detecting an overcurrent exceeding a rated value in the circuit. In this case, the overcurrent is generally detected in every phase of the power system. Therefore, a longer period of time is taken to detect the occurrence of a fault in a circuit on which electric power is supplied from the power system. In this case, a longer period of time is taken to stop supplying electric



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