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The Lyrify application for Spotify is an addon to be used with Spotify to allow users to perform searches for lyrics for a series of songs found on Spotify using various sources.
The application operates by performing searches on Google, Youtube and other third party sources to try and quickly find a source for the lyrics. Once it has, it displays them next to Spotify and the user can view them as the song plays.
If the lyrics are not correct, the application presents the option to display its search results. Users can then browse multiple third party sources from within the Lyrify addon and then select an appropriate search result. This allows users to manage the addon directly in case of an error and also browse multiple search engines within one application.
Lyrify does not require Spotify to run but requires a Spotify account in order to activate the application, internet connection is also required to continue to use the application.
The Lyrify settings window allows users to change the place of the addon window, from left to the right or beneath Spotify. Additional settings are available to change the display font of Lyrify to make lyrics easier to read.
The Lyrify automation option allows users to automatically search for a song’s lyrics whenever it is being played. This can be disabled to allow for a manual option. To optimize the search results, users can opt to trim the search string to speed up the searching process as well as improve the results.
The Lyrify search engine is available in two versions, a standalone application and a Spotify addon. The standalone application operates independently from Spotify and can be installed to a user’s hard disk or on a USB drive. The standalone application is not compatible with the Spotify playlist feature and must be installed to the hard disk.

The search functions operate very well and are very easy to use.
The functionality is similar to LyricWiki and Lyrics.
You will find albums, songs and keywords and you will find results for all of these. You can even find the images of the lyrics of a song.
It is very useful to find keywords and lyrics while listening to music.
You can set folders in which to search, and filters.
Download Lyrify

The Lyrify application is an addon for Spotify that allows users to perform searches for different song lyrics to any songs they find on Spotify.
The application operates by performing searches on Google, Youtube and other third party sources to try and quickly find a source for the lyrics. Once it has, it displays them next

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– allows to locate lyrics automatically as soon as a song is being played on Spotify
– search results are available next to the song in the play bar or when a user presses the search icon
– shows results in the Spotify search function
– can search lyrics on Spotify’s own website and on Youtube
– read the search results from multiple sources
– removes duplicates
– a queue feature makes songs unique and saves searches for later
– folders to organize your searches and sets to force search results in

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Lyrify adds a lyrical section to the right side of every Spotify track, to make finding and reading the song’s lyrics a breeze.
Using Google, Youtube, and your own searches, Lyrify will provide you with the lyrics you want, whenever you want. This add-on uses Spotify’s API to instantly search for lyrics, whenever you hear a song.
Using a search engine, Lyrify provides instant access to the lyrics you want, no matter where you are.
The lyrics are updated in real-time, and appear in a special section at the right side of your playlist. Lyrify shows the lyrics you want, when you want.
Windows Phone: 8.0 and higher
Mango: 7.5 and higher
Windows: Vista or higher

Unofficial Windows Phone Store Description: A music player that has lyrics search, playlist integration and Windows Live integration. However, it is in Beta.

SongLyric Pro: Search lyrics from lyric servers and get the lyrics to songs.
SongLyric Pro is a desktop application, available for Windows and Mac, that can be used to display lyrics from the internet and CDs.
The application offers an extensive database containing over 2.5 million lyrics for popular music, and over 300,000 Windows Live account for Windows Phone.
SongLyric Pro also offers a basic interface and lyrics search feature, with the option to display either a random or specific lyrics of the selected song.
If an Internet connection is available, users can browse lyrics from various servers, that have been selected and configured by the user.
This can include lyrics from traditional lyric servers (LyricNet, Jamendo, FreeLyrics, MyLyricWiki, LyricsFinder, LyricSpot, SongLyric, etc), but can also include lyrics from artists’ sites, and even text-to-speech engines.
Once a server is selected, a search query can be configured. This can include a specific artist name or song title, the album name, a query consisting of a list of lyrics (for example “lyrics of a song with the word ‘ice’ in its title”), or even a search of text on a specific lyrics site.
If the Internet connection is available, users can browse lyrics that are returned by the search.
The program also supports CD tracks for songs that are contained on the CD. For this type of song, the CD is added

What’s New In?

In order to get more Spotify fans, the latest Spotify app update introduces two new features to fans: a new creative tool that lets them compose original remixes of songs from all the music played on the service, and a personalized music stream that rewards users who listen to more of their favorite artists’ catalog.
Both features, though, require Spotify to run.
The first feature is called The Remix Channel and, based on beta information provided by Spotify, is a new feature that allows fans to learn how to mix and arrange songs from all the Spotify music they listen to.
The Remix Channel tool lets fans record and share original tracks that remixes individual songs in a music playlist by altering the order of selected songs while keeping the rhythm intact.
Using The Remix Channel features requires that one’s Spotify account is signed in and can be easily done from within the app in the main menu. The process is similar to what the service allows users to do in its recent tweaks to its mobile app, such as allowing them to upload pictures directly to albums, access Apple Music and Google Play content and opt to play songs only from a favorite list.
“The Remix Channel is part of our ongoing effort to be the premier global music subscription service, and we invite our fans to submit and share their original Remixes to Spotify,” Spotify’s Head of Music, Erik Huggers, said in a statement.
“This is just one of the ways Spotify is continuing to build our story as the world’s leading music service, and we hope fans will enjoy remixing their favorite songs and listen to songs as they’ve never heard them before.”
The Remix Channel is available to download on Windows, Android and iOS devices. A Mac application is set to be released in May.
The second feature is called the Artist Playlist, and allows fans to view a personalized playlist of songs liked by their favorite artists.
“We’ve always believed that music is deeply personal,” Spotify’s Head of Music, Emilie Poletti, said in a statement. “This new feature gives fans the opportunity to listen to a custom mix of their favorite artists’ songs. Through this, we hope that they will continue to enjoy their musical journey with Spotify for years to come.”
The Artist Playlist can be accessed in either the mobile or desktop Spotify apps, but only if one’s Spotify account is signed in. It relies on a number

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or later.
Windows XP or later. Processor: 1 GHz or faster
1 GHz or faster Memory: 512 MB RAM
512 MB RAM Video: DirectX®9-compatible video card and video display
DirectX®9-compatible video card and video display DirectX: DirectX®9
DirectX®9 Network: Internet connection for Multiplayer
Windows XP or later. Processor: 2 GHz or faster
2 GHz or faster Memory: