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Wiring up the brain for the 21st century

By John Bohannon

California has more than 60 million people and an ever-growing number of electronic gadgets. The state’s governors and legislators recognize the need for a high-speed broadband network to keep up with the internet-driven economy.

Berkeley Lab researchers are helping to work out the puzzles of how neurons signal and receive messages as they travel in neuronal networks. If we want to build humanlike artificial networks that can process more data faster than current machines, the key will be finding a way to transform the cells’ molecular machinery into a circuit that can mimic how the brain processes information.

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The lab’s research, which has been funded by the US Department of Energy, builds on current knowledge of cell biology and molecular biology that has been gained since the early ’80s.

Working with computer modelers that have been programmed to simulate the cell, the lab researchers have focused on three areas:

The synapse and how it works: The connections between neurons are where signals go in and out of the brain. Understanding how a synapse functions and develops to transmit signals will help the lab to design circuit components that could be used to build functioning artificial networks.

The cytoskeleton and the molecular machines that make it up:

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