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✓ Choose from many different presets.
✓ Different text replacement options: case-insensitive, regexp, numbers.
✓ Auto-preview, up to 10 files.
✓ Detailed files and directories information.
✓ Ability to delete files or safely move them, based on their path.
✓ Detailed statistics for each file/directory.
✓ View images and convert them to text.
✓ Search by name.
✓ Powerful rename with many options and possibilities.
✓ Total file management with the ability to copy, move, delete and more.
✓ Batch file renaming and organization.
✓ Find duplicated files and merge them.
✓ Exclude files and folders, based on their path.
✓ Filter by the size of the file or the type of file.
✓ Rename file extensions.
✓ Advanced video converter.
✓ Ability to create, view and update meta-data for videos.
✓ Ability to create, view and update meta-data for images.
✓ Ability to create, view and update meta-data for music.
✓ Interactive file explorer.
✓ Preview mode, with the possibility to sort files by name, size, date, type, etc.
✓ Ability to skip, cancel, play, pause, go back and go forward the renaming.
✓ Advanced file operations: delete, move, extract, view folder and archive, etc.
✓ Rename multiple files at once.
✓ Compare files: create, view, update, delete meta-data.
✓ Ability to convert images into text, text into images, add watermarks, add text, frames or layout.
✓ Compare images: create, view, update, delete meta-data.
✓ Batch file renaming.
✓ File name filtering by filename extension, name characters, directory name, current directory, etc.
✓ Move files and folders and update their names and/or the dates.
✓ Ability to create, view and update meta-data for various file types.
✓ Rename a file by its modification date.
✓ Rename files/folders/components by their type.
✓ Rename files/folders/components by their size.
✓ Rename files/folders/components by their parent directories.
✓ Rename

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With this task-manager, you can configure the rules necessary to sort files into folders by the different criteria which you deem necessary. By having the ability to set different criteria, you can easily manage files of multiple types, which include text, numbers, dates and links with just a few clicks.
You will be presented with a list of available criteria, at which point, you will have the option to add, edit and delete them. For example, you can setup a set of criteria for sorting files by the name, date, by size, type of file, part of a folder and many other options.
Because your criteria are specified with a very easy to use interface, you will be able to find them anytime you need, making this task manager really powerful and efficient.
The software can be used as a simple renamer that will allow you to rearrange your files to fit your standards or it can be used as a more robust task manager. It will allow you to perform many advanced operations.
Some other features include:
• Manages multiple file types• Able to add, edit or delete criteria• Allows you to rename items
NB Renamer is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and even XP!
NB Renamer is available to download from Microsoft Store for free and you should install the app now on your computer. For information on the features in the app and how it works, just head to the official pages.

When you install Office 365 for Mac as an Office 365 subscriber, you will be presented with a choice to choose a language to be used across the entire Office applications. This choice remains as an indicator of the language settings of the user and needs to be set when the user logs in as well, in order to create different user profiles.

Though the language preference option is available in the Office 365 app on Mac and Windows, users need to manually set it in order to create a new user. When you log in, you will be able to see the language settings and to make sure the right choice is made.

The screen shot below will help you figure out which user is in use:

If you can’t find the language preference in the above image, here’s a snapshot of what it should look like:

It goes without saying that selecting a language for Office does not necessarily mean that the Office apps are accessible in the selected language only. The settings stay persistent in the next logins and if you do want to

NB Renamer Activation

With NB Renamer you can easily rename dozens of files at a time using the Text, Date, Sequence and Fixed Length options. Supports batches of 50 files or more.
Sorting and reordering are possible for over 50 different file types.
Practical uses:
– If you receive files from different sources (YouTube, Netflix, etc.), you can rename them automatically after downloading.
– If you have a load of files in a specific directory, you can use the Sequences option to sort them alphabetically.
– Without having to re-enter the file name, you can make the file text different from its original name. NB Renamer supports “Before”, “After” and “InPlace” sub-options.
– The Date option allows you to reformat dates. NB Renamer supports regular expressions and you can choose the date format you want.
– If you have a large number of files named the same way, you can use the fixed length option. NB Renamer supports both fixed numbers and spaces.
Things to keep in mind:
– NB Renamer is not an automated mass renamer, it’s a renamer that allows you to rename files manually.
– NB Renamer is compatible with Windows 10.
– NB Renamer is not compatible with Windows 7.
– NB Renamer is not compatible with Windows 8.1.
What’s new in version 3.2.0:
– Added support for Windows 8.1
– Fixed various bugs.
What’s new in version 3.1.0:
– Added support for Windows 8 and 10.
What’s new in version 3.0.1:
– Fixed various bugs.
What’s new in version 3.0.0:
– Added support for Windows 8.
– Added new languages.
– Added new options.
– Other bug fixes.’s denial of his motion to amend his complaint

on the ground of futility, we review the district court’s decision de novo. See

Silva v. Witschen, 19 F.3d 725, 726 (1st Cir. 1994) (citing see

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What’s New in the NB Renamer?

In this case, you can capture the current state of the system by recording a video. The clip is then ready for analysis, and the report is then generated. The screen recorder tool works with a variety of operating systems.
Recognition in the workplace
This is a simple tool to choose from, because it comes with the ability of being able to understand quite a lot of speech commands. While some of the options have a more restrictive scope, they are designed so that they can provide additional tips as to what your computer can hear.
If the computer has a microphone, then you can at least try to choose between DejaVu Sans, Pangolin, and other alternatives. Other than that, you can either enhance the audio quality or volume by way of recording a clip. If you want to record the background sound, then you can choose an option from the list of what the computer hears.
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Equation of plane from a vector $n$

I have a vector $n = (1,2,-3)$ and I need to find the equation of the plane that contains the vector and has n as the normal.
I know how to find the equation if $n$ is a point, but how do I find it if it’s a vector?
This is in $\mathbb R^3$, i.e. $\mathbb R^2 \times \mathbb R$.


$$ n \cdot x + y – z = 0 $$
$$ (1,2,-3) \cdot (x,y,z) = – x + 2y -3z $$
$$ x + y – 3z = 0 $$

As a vector, there’s a slight correction to the formula,
$$ n \cdot x + y – z = 0 $$
$$ (n_1,n_2,-n_3) \cdot (x,y,z) = – n_1 x + n_2 y – n_3 z $$
Where $n = (n_1,n_2,n_3)$,
So, the vector is a


System Requirements For NB Renamer:

Windows OS:
64-bit Windows, version of OS 10.0 or higher
Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Any current video card
Mac OS:
Mac OS X version 10.0 or higher
Processor: Any current processor
Graphics: Any current graphics cardA total of 23 patients have received treatment for bone or joint tuberculosis (TB) so far this year, figures published today by the HSE show.