There are numerous graphic design programs suitable for experts and novices alike, but it can be difficult to find the right one if you are interested in a particular digital art style, as the available applications may offer insufficient features or be too difficult to configure.
NbrushApp is an intuitive Java-based digital art program specially design to help you create large canvases, posters or illustrations. It requires no special training and even allows you to edit existing image files.
Easy-to-use graphic design program
One of the primary advantages offered by NbrushApp is that any user, regardless of their level of experience, can launch the program and begin working right away. If you are looking for a quick and easy tool for designing impressive artwork, this application may fit the bill.
There are several tools to choose from, and the predefined patterns can help you create beautiful shapes in mere seconds. Additionally, the tools can be customized, and you can modify the brush and background colors.
Furthermore, it is possible to import your own photos and enhance them using the available tools.
Promising utility that needs some improvements
NbrushApp is not the most eye-catching application out there, partly due to its Java-based architecture, and we feel that the user interface could be improved in many respects.
Also, while this may only apply to the demo version of the program, it is worth noting that the application can only be launched from the command line using a BAT file, and the console needs to remain open at all times.
Moreover, the undo function can only revert the last action to be performed, which is insufficient when dealing with a graphic design application.
Nifty digital art program for graphic designers
On the whole, NbrushApp is a simple application intended to help artists create beautiful logos, posters, sketches and illustrations suitable for printing and web design. It is very intuitive, but its interface would benefit from a facelift, and some small improvements are still necessary.







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are very interesting or even challenging?
Let NBrushApp show you how. With an intuitive interface and an easy to use program you can create digital artwork in a mere minutes.
“NBrushApp” is a Java application, fully integrated in the “Java Enterprise Edition”. It has an integrated desktop and a smart editor. With the integrated desktop you can create, test, and save files with the direct access to your java application.

NbrushApp is a powerful digital graphic design tool with many flexible brush styles, advanced particle and texture effects, image-processing capabilities, and a simple user interface, making it perfect for anyone looking to create professional-quality art and design projects.

Creating vector-based designs, drawing compositions, and illustrating images are almost as easy as playing a video game. With the help of NBrushApp, you can create high-quality, intuitive designs with a few clicks.

Create, edit, save and upload vector graphics right in the application

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NBrushApp is a unique Java based digital art program designed to help you create large canvas paintings, posters, or illustrations within a few minutes. It’s easy to use and even allows you to edit existing image files.
* You can edit the brushes, pattern or background colors at will
* Simple shapes and brush selection can be used to create artistic photos from scratch
* Regular and measured sampling are included, so you can easily create your own brushes
* Import pictures from files or the clipboard and enhance them
* All done using the PaintCanvas app window
* The program can be freely closed, and the program continues running while you work.
* The Demo Version needs a BAT file (box file) to launch.

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NBrushApp (2022)

NBrushApp is easy to use! It is our latest technology with elegant design, responsive to your needs. NBrushApp is a very good digital art application. It is free for anyone who wants to use. It is easy to learn, and anyone will enjoy using it!


Use your own photo or load a personal image with NBrushApp

Create large canvases, posters, sketches, illustrations or logos for use in print or the web

Easily edit existing image files

Easy to use, follow step-by-step tutorials

Work with shapes, path images, paste and small brushes

Import your own photos

Filter and resize images

Create gradients and patterns

Import a logo and create your own

NBrushApp License

NBrushApp can only be used on a personal computer, and the license contains a time limit. A valid serial number can be requested from the author.

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What’s New In NBrushApp?

NbrushApp is a Java-based graphic design application specially designed to help you create large canvases, posters or illustrations in the most efficient way possible.
NbrushApp is a Java-based graphic design application specially designed to help you create large canvases, posters or illustrations in the most efficient way possible.
NbrushApp is built using the Java programming language and is totally Free Software, Open Source and Open Educational.
Thanks for contacting us
We would like to thank you for contacting NBrushApp, but we do not have any news or updates for this software.
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System Requirements For NBrushApp:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-530 (2.5 GHz) or AMD equivalent.
RAM: 4 GB or higher.
Graphics: DirectX 11-capable video card.
Operating System: Windows® 7 64-bit
Hard Drive: 16 GB or higher.
Broadband Internet connection
Other: Windows® Registry cleaner and antivirus program.
Internet connection not required during installation, but is recommended.
You will also need to have a NTFS (or another Windows® compatible) formatted external hard