Network speeds can be fickle, and they depend on a lot of variables. The sites you interact with, your data plan and router, whether you're on Wi-Fi or wired, or if there's a heavy load on the infrastructure, among many other things.
Your settings are also of relevance, and while you have the possibility to change them, there is simply a lot that can go wrong. Network Booster aims to do that for you by scanning the sites you normally visit, suggesting a DNS address to optimize the speeds at which you access them.
Quick Scan and Full Scan
Upon opening up this app, you will notice that the Full Scan option is unavailable in the Free version, so you'll only be able to use the less thorough one. Upon choosing to quick scan, the software will look up the sites you visit and suggest a more fitting DNS address if there is one, giving you instructions on how to navigate the process.
You'll have to go to your network settings and change the DNS value under your IPv4 protocol settings, and that's all. Onto the testing itself, our network speeds following its optimizations did not change at all.
More on the optimizations
Before switching to the suggested optimizations, we conducted a test we could use as a barometer for our network speeds. Upon applying the new settings, we did not notice any difference at all. We tested it on two machines with different browsing habits, and the same DNS suggestion was suggested in both cases — changing to Cloudflare's address.
Our ping took a hit on the first test, where it was thrice as big as it was before. It stabilized right after, though, and successive tests yielded results in the same ballpark as the automatic DNS ones. The same was true for the speeds themselves, very much corresponding in the before and after. A lot of these results can thus be attributed to the margin of error, which invalidates the purported "boost" the app promises.
In conclusion, we did not see any of the improvements that Network Booster had promised. While conducting tests, the results were similar, and the same can be said for the browsing experience. Even more, given how the Full Scan option is locked behind a paywall, the effects of the Quick Scan feature did not give us much confidence in the paid option.







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This premium app for Windows changes settings in Windows’ network configuration and DNS settings to provide greater performance and resiliency for personal and business computers. It will also automatically detect and adjust your Internet connection settings, saving you time and money.
Automatic scanning of all known websites, to automatically install any needed DNS servers and change Internet settings to get the best performance
It will notify you if anything needs to be changed.
Automatic detection and configuration of your Internet connection, for better speed and more stability
The suggested DNS servers are:
No.-Use your ISP DNS servers
Cloudflare – easy and secure DNS servers
OpenDNS – the best free option
Google Public DNS – the most reliable free DNS servers
Wikipedia – a safer and faster DNS server
Windows XP (SP3)
Windows Vista (SP2)
Windows Server 2003 (SP1)
Windows Home Server (SP1)
Internet access is required

Your support is our main concern and we’d love to receive your feedback. To access the support section you need to register for free:

If you have any feedback regarding the app or Bittorrent in general, please contact our customer support or access our BugTracker:

We greatly appreciate all of your feedback, whether positive, negative, or constructive.

Thank you!
Bittorrent team

Most Recent Reviews

Network Booster Review

Network Booster Review

Network Booster’s Over the Top


Network Booster is a torrent client improvement app that claims to automatically configure the network settings in Windows and DNS settings. As you may have guessed, I used it on my computer at home and my laptop at work, with the same results. They didn’t change anything.
I can’t comment on the claims that the software will detect and adjust your Internet connection settings but it didn’t adjust anything with the different options I had to chose from.
Even more, upon their own tests, the software recommended the DNS servers set by my ISP, which I use at home and didn’t work at work.
It was apparently unable to even detect that my network adapter was wireless or wired, so it couldn’t tell whether I was on Wi-Fi or LAN, which is very annoying.
Overall, this is a mediocre app, not worth the $1.

Network Booster Crack For Windows (2022)

Network Booster Serial Key is a free application that will speed up your browsing by making intelligent choices regarding your network settings. If you’re on iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows, you may be wasting several megabits per second by being served advertisements and sponsored content by third-party websites. Network Booster learns your network type and recognizes the websites you visit, which means it can detect a slow down and suggest a faster alternative.

Network Booster Features:
✔ Learn your device’s network connection type, speed and the websites you frequently visit.
✔ Set your default DNS address to any of the available candidates, and see how it affects your network speed and experience.
✔ Use the “Full Scan” option to generate a report of your network settings and take action.

App Screenshots:

App Review:



The app will be launched for free on the AppStore and Google Play. It will use Cloudflare DNS servers, which are more secure than other DNS servers. Therefore, the risk that a DNS server compromise would allow a malicious actor to bypass the firewalls of the network router or other devices (anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention system, etc.) is minimized.



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I tried Network Booster. It did not speed up my browsing, especially when I tapped on an ad block. I then tried to take Cloudflare DNS servers that are more secure, but it did not help. I got the same speed before and after.

2 months ago


Cannot install/use in my country.

2 months ago


Impossible to install, we can only access the web with WiFi.

more than a year ago


It lags out and you can’t install it.

more than a year ago


Must be a great idea for those people who have slow networks! Why not make it for Android then?

more than a year ago


I must warn you. Not for me.

more than a year ago


Speed up for some websites

more than a year ago



Network Booster Keygen For (LifeTime) Download

The application is developed by the Israeli-based marketing firm Their goal here is to help you with speedy Internet and save data costs with a process they call “fast Internet.” The application’s interface is very similar to most app launchers, and once you’re in the app, the scanner works its magic, suggesting DNS values, based on your time and IP address, to increase the browsing speeds of the sites you visit. These suggestions are based on a combination of factors, including the weather, your surroundings, and traffic loads as well.
Once you’ve chosen a DNS server, the Application will check if the server is up or down, and if it is not, it will make an attempt to redirect your request to the server. While you can choose to save the DNS address used by Network Booster, you’re asked to make a backup of it in case something goes awry.
The feature is not as comprehensive as some of the other apps we’ve tested, notably IPVanish and SurfEasy, but it’s the best of its kind we’ve seen so far. In addition, the scanning engine is very quick, and the one-time scanning process was practically unnoticeable.
If you’ve ever got a lot of speed dialing to do and you’re not sure which one to pick, the quick scan feature can help you figure that out faster than you think.
The App uses your IP address to scan the sites you normally visit. It will automatically check and suggest a DNS Server based on your location and time.
Ex: You are in Holland, the weather is the coldest January in history, it is 20:34, and your IP address is
The Application will suggest Cloudflare’s DNS Server:
You will now be able to access all sites you normally visit at those speeds.
There is a $2.75 (£2.50) (8.47 USD, 7.18 GBP) a month for a VPN plan, which will also include an unlimited unmetered WiFi hotspot for you to use anywhere in the world. You can’t use it on your mobile device, though, so be sure to have a laptop, desktop, or other portable internet device with you if you’re looking to use the feature. If you do happen to meet a VPN that can also be used on mobile, go ahead and try it out to see if

What’s New in the Network Booster?

Network Booster is a freeware that aims to optimize the performance of your browsing and downloads on various websites.

What’s New:

– Improved the FAQ
– Fixed minor bugs
– Improved the original features

System Requirements:

– Windows XP
– Windows 7
– Windows 8

Windows Phone Version currently unavailable

Download Network Booster


Network Booster Rating Details

Network Booster is a freeware that aims to optimize the performance of your browsing and downloads on various websites. It’s a light weight app that does not display any ads or links to other social media platforms. Yes, it is a pay app, but the paid version will give you a lite version that does not let you see the filtered recommendations, at most it lets you select the preferred IP address. There is a free version in the play store, it doesn’t have all the features like the full paid one. This version is good enough for a light weight app like this. The software has been tested on Windows 10 and it has been found to be working well. Let me show you how to download Network Booster for Windows 10. This app is optimized for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and it also works on Windows 10, but, some functions may not be available in the Windows 10 version.

App Network Booster Publisher Description

Thank you for your interest in this app. If you ever need to contact the author or developer or report a problem, here’s how:

If you are having problems with Network Booster (free version) and you are running Windows 7 or later, you can try the built-in troubleshooter that is located at the following:

\Support\Troubleshooting Tool

If the problems are caused by a different operating system, please provide more details about what system you are running.

Network Booster Description:

Network Booster is a freeware that aims to optimize the performance of your browsing and downloads on various websites. This app is different from any other app out there. It will change your DNS servers for you so you don’t have to worry about giving your Internet router (Gateway/modem) a new ip address when you change ISP or move to a new one. This is a paid app, but you can try the free version, which does not have the paid features.

Special Features:

1. Network Booster will change your DNS server settings so your Internet

System Requirements:

Requires an active Internet connection
Requires an internet connection (preferably broadband)
Can be downloaded to your computer, it will not need to be installed
Does not need to be installed to the hard drive
No installation of any kind
No internet connection required to play
Screenshots of the games
I’m very excited about this mod. I’ve been playing it for a few months