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Bleed is a status effect you can inflict on enemies and some bosses, dealing a proportion of harm to their health bar and staggering the goal. Rapid attacking weapons often come with this impact intrinsically, so most bleed builds spec for some Dexterity atop Luck to scale the damage of their initial hits and Bleed procs. Luck is what scales your bleed harm for 폰테크 this build, so spec heavily into that stat and enhance your Hollowing stat. When accomplished properly, you possibly can stagger most bosses in the game and rapidly defeat tanky enemies. It is pretty good in PvP too. Just be aware that some enemies and bosses are completely immune to bleed, so be prepared for some boss fights to take ages.

With 228 physical attack at +5, the Repeating Crossbow can shred opponents at close range in the blink of an eye fixed – much more so if one unleashes the insane Repeat Hearth talent, the place they can launch many bolts in sooner succession than typical. Remarkably, this ability can nonetheless be used even with only a single bolt.