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You can download the companion software to this book for immediate use when you are trying to edit images with Photoshop. The editor is a convenient way to view the sample images, view the macros, edit images, apply the recommended workflow, and more. (Go to to find the download details.)

## Discovering Photoshop’s Features

Photoshop is a robust image-editing software program with an abundance of features and controls you can use to perform virtually any kind of image modification. While you can use other tools for simple image editing tasks, such as the Select tool, Dreamweaver, and the Pen tool in GIMP, you can add many other valuable tools and functionality to your images using Photoshop.

You need to know a few basics about the tools that you’ll find at the toolbox menu, as shown in Figure 2-1, before you can take Photoshop and start creating your own images. The following sections describe these tools in detail.

Photoshop also provides you with an array of features you can use to improve your images as a starting point for your own projects. Many of the most valuable Photoshop features are found in the Control Panel. You access the Control Panel and individual panels using the Window menu or a shortcut keystroke. A few of the Control Panel options shown in Figure 2-2 are described in the following sections.

**Figure 2-1:** The Photoshop toolbox provides you with an array of versatile tools.

**Figure 2-2:** Choose from a wide array of options in the Control Panel window.

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New features in Elements 16

If you’re a professional photographer, a graphic designer, or a web designer, you know what Photoshop can do to modify an image. If you’re a beginner, you want to modify and improve a picture to save time, because of your income and time constraints.

If you own the upgrade to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (CS4 and prior versions) but the the new features have always seemed a bit confusing, you will undoubtedly love it. You will also be amazed to discover that there are things you can do that you couldn’t have done with the previous versions.

Another interesting option: Photoshop Elements is a good tool that you can use for free.

But, before we go into the new features, we will analyze what Photoshop can do now and what it cannot do now and help you understand the differences.

Before Photoshop CS6, there were two main graphical editing software: Gimp and Photoshop.

But, when Adobe took over Gimp, the software, including Gimp 2.6 (which Gimp still uses today), lost features such as more sophisticated tools, filters and effects, a smart layer, built-in layers organization, custom pixel modes, and web filters, among others.

In addition, the interface was simplified, the icons used were not graphical and it still has the same limitations as Gimp.

By the time Gimp 2.8 was released, most features had been added back into the program. But the new interface took many years and many features to return to Gimp.

In 2020, Gimp has a new release, Gimp 2.10.

The new features in Elements 16

Photoshop is a powerful software with a great collection of tools and extensive libraries that we can use as a designer, and it is one of the best software to work with. Elements has not abandoned the idea of Photoshop, but today it tries to emulate many features of Photoshop.

Automatic merge is a feature that allows multiple images with different sizes to be joined together to create a single image, all in just one step.

The painterly tools add to the ability to paint features. The ability to paint soft edges is a great option in Elements 16 to do things that Photoshop was unable to do.

Brush options are much improved. You can work with brushes of any size and brush of any angle. The brushes created by Photoshop will be much better

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C. Henry Ellis

Charles Henry Ellis (1822 in Charlotte, Vermont – 1882 in New York City) was an American architect and author.

Ellis was born in 1822, the son of Charles Ellis and Mary Ropes. Charles was the son of Aaron Ellis, a silversmith and clock maker.

The New York city directories from 1850 and 1852 show Ellis as a draftsman in the offices of Hugh Williamson. There he worked under Thomas James Lee, Richard R. Montgomery, and Frederick Taylor. In 1853 he opened his own office, at 112 Broadway.

Ellis is chiefly known as the author of Architecture (1854), a treatise on the construction of buildings. This work was well reviewed at the time of publication. It was published in the United States and Europe, with many notable architects contributing to the discussion. More than 400 copies of the first American edition were sold within six months. It remained an important text for almost half a century.

Ellis was never a member of the American Institute of Architects and in 1855 he joined the Architectural League of New York, an organization aimed at the promotion of domestic architecture in the city. His was one of the first designs to be accepted into the first exhibition of the League. In 1864 he designed the mansion house of George Washington Greene at Wawarsing, now Greene County, New York. The home is now in the collection of the Albany Institute and Museum.

Ellis also designed several banks in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston. He was also active in the real estate business and he designed various commercial buildings and homes, including the following in New York City:

1849-1851: Central Savings Bank at 134 West 23rd Street, corner of Broadway
1852: Third National Bank at 476 Broadway
1854-1856: Holland, Sherry & Co. at 124 East 25th Street
1856: Whitney & Co. at 150 East 23rd Street
1855-1858: Morton, Isham & Bonney at 218 Broadway. Building lost to a fire in 1874.
1858-1861: Barclay Trust Company at 41-43 Water Street
1859-1861: White Ballinger & Co. at 11-15 West 41st Street. Building demolished in 1962.
1859-1861: Shearer & Elkins at 9

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Stipulella gracillima

Stipulella gracillima is a species of minute sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk or micromollusk in the family Scissurellidae, the little slit snails.

The shell grows to a height of 1 mm.

This species occurs in the North Atlantic Ocean off Georgia, USA and the Gulf of Mexico; in the Caribbean Sea off the Yucatán and Belize; also off Bermuda; off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA; in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.


Watson, R.B. (ed) 1994. The marine fauna of the Gulf of Mexico. Publications in biological sciences 148: 631-794.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2013


After the 2008 Canadian federal election, I was deeply disappointed to see so many Canadians get involved in the stealing of the election. I researched and found out that a new (and silent) type of voter fraud was being used, namely they were using a type of voter identification card (ACORN registered voter cards) and voting in more than one riding (no where else). Seeing that the Conservative party was leading all other parties at the time, I believed this was a conspiracy by the Conservative party to win the election. The main reason I believed they were doing this is because when the Canadian people were polled after voting, they showed overwhelming support for the Liberal party and I don’t remember any poll showing that the Conservative party was actually leading. Yes, the Liberal party was looking at me like I was crazy, but that’s another story.

Flash forward 4 years and the Conservative party was leading in the polling again, only this time they were incredibly unpopular with the majority of the voting public. I don’t know how you can call yourself the Conservative party if your leading in polls and then when you go to the polls you end up losing?. So, now, the Liberals party was doing everything it could to talk about the Conservative party and how they were taking advantage of the people. I believed they were going all-out in trying to get these people to vote for the Liberal party. I also thought that the Liberal party

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