With a strong orientation towards security and privacy, Particl.io is one of the latest blockchain eCommerce platforms built on top of Bitcoin. More to the point, it's a fairly novice-accessible, decentralized person-to-person marketplace that allows its users to perform all sort of transactions securely.
You can start off with Particl by downloading the platform's modern client dubbed Particl Wallet.
Allows you to benefit from everything the Particl.io platform has to offer
Built using Angular CLI, this app allows you to send and receive PART (the platform's unique currency token) in a secure manner, communicate with other users without revealing your IP thanks to end-to-end encryption technologies, as well as access the marketplace mentioned above to anonymously buy and sell goods.
Getting started with Particl Wallet is hardly difficult, especially since the app doesn't even require installation in its current form. Just download the app, unzip its archive, and launch the app via its designated executable file.
User-friendly and modern-looking Particl client/wallet app
For starters, you should consider encrypting your wallet before actually creating or restoring one. Once you've created or restored a wallet, the app displays a set of useful information such as the total balance, the public and "blind" balance, as well as various staking information.
Your recent transactions are also displayed somewhere around the middle part of the main window. It's also worth pointing out that you can activate the so-called "cold staking mode" (security option that allows you to spend from one computer and stake from another) from the lower right part of the main window.
Buy and sell goods, as well as perform transactions in total confidentiality on the Particl marketplace
All things considered, if you're looking for a secure and decentralized marketplace that's built on top of blockchain technologies, you should definitely look into Particl.io and even consider giving it a try by employing the platform's official client – Particl Wallet.







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Particl Wallet Torrent Downloads are what is called “private-chain wallets”, which means that they store your digital assets (PART) in a private chain, and also eliminate the need for an intermediary – a third-party server – which is required to let you interact with the blockchain. This is very important when it comes to the privacy and security of your funds.
As of the moment (early 2018), Particl wallets are not yet open-source. That means that its team is still in the process of testing, updating, fixing bugs, and otherwise improving the software.
Download link:

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Look at the “Customer Support” and “Active online users” pages on Particl’s website to get an idea of the company’s service life.
While $5-10 per month is hardly anything for what you get, in terms of the absolute value of the money you have to pay, compared to the value of the benefit of a reliable service, even at $10, it’s still quite valuable. Think of how much you’re paying every month for unreliable service.

For example, when you get a service that cost $10, but it’s only reliable 80% of the time, what’s the value that the $10 gets you? That’s basically the same thing that happens with Particl, and that’s why I think it’s worth considering over the long term.
Particl Wallet is a well done wallet (w/ a bit of a learning curve) that is an excellent option for people to setup crypto-currency that they can use on the blockchain, but also that will allow them to receive payments in that currency.
The only way that they could make more money is to raise the price per coin,

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The Particl Wallet is the platform’s official client. With this app, you can not only benefit from all the apps on Particl.io, but can also perform all sorts of transactions using PART – the platform’s unique currency token.
For one, the app allows you to sign up to the platform for free. This will allow you to get started with the Particl.io platform in just a couple of minutes. After that, you can start buy and sell goods on the platform.
Just like with any other marketplace, you can open a Particl wallet to receive PART. In addition, you can activate cold staking from the wallet.
These two features, cold staking and receiving PART, are not the sole reason why you should install Particl Wallet. The application supports tons of features such as a built-in web browser that you can use to browse the Particl.io website, the ability to use the platform to participate in the Particl ecosystem’s token sale, as well as Particl’s unique marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods anonymously.
The Particl Wallet not only makes all of this possible, but also provides a means of anonymity to its users thanks to the App’s end-to-end encryption mechanisms.
If this is something that interests you, and you want to learn more, we will go over the major features of Particl Wallet in a little more detail below.
This is the one and only Particl Wallet description.
Connect with others from around the world while performing all sorts of transactions safely
Particl is a decentralized marketplace that enables its users to do all sorts of transactions through an end-to-end encrypted and anonymous software. However, the platform also offers users a means of anonymity by using a decentralized network that allows each user to upload files anonymously.
This means that, unlike centralized platforms such as Google Drive, you can actually place files in the app without having to worry about them being flagged and potentially being tracked. And due to its end-to-end encryption protocols, your private files will not be visible to others.
You can even perform file uploads through the official Particl wallet. Just click the pencil icon to the left of your wallet and select the file that you want to upload. When you confirm your upload, a URL will be displayed that you can share with others.
If you want more information on the subject, you can also find some great articles in this

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Particl is the first blockchain based eCommerce platform. It is an integration of distributed trustless payments and decentralized marketplace. Through the use of peer-to-peer technology, it seeks to revolutionize e-commerce by providing privacy, security, anonymity, ease of use, and transparency.
Particl is all about making it easy for anyone to transact business on the blockchain without requiring information about their IP and financial details. This is all thanks to its features such as pre-built escrow, anonymity, and a custom fit to every user’s needs.
How does the Particl Wallet work?
It works by securing all transactions. Sending or receiving Particl is encrypted, so only you know what you’re doing. The client communicates with the blockchain through its own infrastructure. It creates a private key for every transaction. This keeps your identifying details private and secured. The client stores your personal information locally, so it is safe from prying eyes.
Particl is completely decentralized. This means no central organization will be in charge of the network.
Step by step steps to install Particl Wallet:
1. Downloading the Particl wallet and extract its archive to your computer
2. Installing the Particl wallet
You can download Particl wallet from
You can find the steps you need below:
2.1 Unzip the downloaded archive
2.2 Open the wallet
3. Keeping your private keys safe and secure
To keep your private keys safe and secure, you will have to do the following:
3.1 You should back up your wallet and your private keys
You should back up your wallet and your private keys once you’ve opened it. Particl has an automated backup tool that should take care of this automatically, but you can also back up your wallet and your private keys manually (if you need to).
3.2 Keeping your wallet and private keys safe
To keep your wallet safe, you will have to do the following:
3.2.1 Hide your wallet
You should hide your wallet, so that it can’t be seen by anyone (even if they don’t own Particl).
3.2.2 Set a master password
You should use a strong, unique, and randomly generated password.
3.2.3 Secure your master password
You should encrypt the master password with a strong, unique,

What’s New In?

Particl is a decentralized marketplace built on top of Bitcoin. It’s a community-driven project that allows users to perform all transactions securely with near-zero transaction fees via the Particl Proof of Stake algorithm.
Unlike most other options in the same sector (Cryptocurrency and Blockchain), Particl is not only more secure and anonymous, but it also provides a unique user experience with an app that’s very user-friendly and modern in design.
How to download Particl Wallet:
Step 1: Unzip the archive
Step 2: Start the app by double clicking the `particl-wallet` executable file
Step 3: Check in the privacy tab to activate the app’s security options
Step 4: Enjoy
Further information on Particl or its wallet:
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Particl chat:

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