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PC Intercom Activation Code is a handy application that lets you keep in touch with your friends. You do that using a number of simple steps and controls. The main features offered by this application are: a Push to Talk function (the concept behind intercom devices); a Logfile Creation option; an Output Device Setup function; an Audio Batch Recording function; and a User Management option. You should know that, before you use this application, it requires you to have an internet connection. PC Intercom is available in three versions: Standard (free), Professional (free) and Enterprise (evaluation).
PC Intercom Main Features:
New way of keeping in touch with your friends
Simple and straightforward interface
Configurable audio waveform generation
Sends your messages at any time (even when you are not using your computer)
Sends a random audio file to your friends
Filters out annoying audio file types from your messages
Do not bother your friends by sending a large number of audio files
Available for free
Available in three versions: Standard (free), Professional (free) and Enterprise (evaluation)
PC Intercom Requirements:
Internet connection
The latest version of Windows OS
A sound card
A microphone
PC Intercom Compatibility:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

A simple way to keep in touch with your friends, family, and significant other is Skype. This instant messaging service offers free, ad-supported accounts, with extra features available for an additional charge. Signing up and using Skype is simple, although its special features are a little complicated at first. You can access Skype from any computer, provided that you have an Internet connection. You can use Skype, even if you do not have a computer. You just need to download and install a special laptop software package to use the software. The process is simple and does not require any technical know-how.
The main benefit of using Skype is that it enables you to chat and send voice messages to your friends and family. With the additional features available, you can also contact people through Skype from a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. Your conversations can be saved for future use.
You can use Skype on the computer, on the smartphone, or on any type of device with Internet access, including your home television set.
You can use Skype for free, but you need to have an active Internet connection.
Using Skype is simple and will not take long to do.
Once you have signed up

PC Intercom 2.0.381 Crack+ Free Download

This application offers you the possibility to communicate with others via an audio signal.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten your computer while you are using it, you can still contact it with the aid of this program.
By pushing the designated button, you will be able to communicate with the people who are on the other end and receive their responses via a microphone that is connected to the same computer.
This program will enable you to communicate only with the people who are within the same computer network, while you can use another network adapter to communicate with people from different places.
You can also look at the PC Intercom Reviews to find out if this program can fit your needs.
Easy to use with no configuration needed
With this application, you will be able to communicate with others simply by pressing the button on a headset that is connected to your computer.
If you have ever had the need to recall your PC from a remote location, you can communicate with other users as if you were using a dedicated intercom.
The interface of this application is very simplistic and its functions are restricted to what is needed for use within the program.
In no time you will be able to give the participants of a party instructions that will save your time, enabling you to attend to your guests properly.
Compatible with almost any microphone
This application is compatible with almost any microphone that is connected to your PC.
It is recommended to use a headset with at least 2 mics so that you can communicate with the other parties.
This application offers you the possibility to make your on-line gaming experience less frustrating, by enabling you to communicate with others during the game, as well as when you exit the game.
This program is compatible with multiple browsers, so you will be able to carry out video calls and chat with the other players regardless of their platforms.
Setting up this application on your PC is easy, since the installation process does not involve any configuration and is done via a single click.
To learn more about the PC Intercom web site, please visit its official website.

RTSP Server with UDP Server – 2018.3

RTSP Server with UDP Server – 2018.3

RTSP Server with UDP Server – 2018.3 is a simple and easy to use software program, which can help you to setup RTSP server and UDP server and then make video and audio live streaming.

This application is a software package for Windows server (Win32) products, designed

PC Intercom 2.0.381

The PC Intercom application is a free, easy-to-use tool that enables you to communicate with other users with absolute ease.
The application is supplied with a number of audio functions, that enable you to send and receive short text messages via an easy-to-use interface, that can be controlled via a dedicated button.
Moreover, it is possible to send audio messages in a specified channel. This means that the software can be used if you share a workspace with other people.
Some of the application’s functions include:
– Sending and receiving text messages to and from other users;
– Choosing the audio device with which to communicate;
– Notifying the other parties about available audio or video devices;
– Seeing when your contacts are online.
Intuitive configuration menu
PC Intercom is supplied with a default configuration menu that enables you to fine-tune some of its features. The interface is quite simplistic and intuitive, thus does not require a longer description.
Intuitive “Push to Talk” function
The software also gives you a push to talk (PTT) button that enables you to instantly start or pause the audio/video chat with your contacts, or even send them a voice/video message.
This functionality is enabled by default, along with a separate button, that can be used to toggle the push-to-talk function on and off.
You can also choose whether to enable a separate key to activate the “Voice Active” mode. Therefore, you can keep both channels active at the same time.
Select the connected speaker
This application enables you to choose the physical speaker, through which your contacts will be able to listen to your audio messages.
Moreover, it is possible to specify a default location for your audio messages, along with a corresponding button in the interface, that will enable you to navigate to the default folder.
Configure the audio stream
As soon as you are done configuring the software, you can use the respective button, located in the taskbar, to activate it, in order to start its functionality. It is important to note that this program is supplied with a built-in troubleshooting function that will be triggered, should you need to restart the software or fix an error.
To protect your privacy, the software is not able to record the audio stream.

PC Intercom – Manual Setup

Today, keeping in touch with your friends can be accomplished easily, since there are numerous software solutions

What’s New In?

PC Intercom (Rev 2.0) is a revolutionary solution to boost your communication among your team, friends, or among users of your organization. It acts like a local intercom that users can connect to using a push button. PC Intercom has a private voice channel for each caller.
Call direct line
Call direct can be called by using Direct Dial. These calls are configured in Configurations of Your choice for the user.
Record Short Video to share later
Available Short Video can be recorded and shared with the contact.
Sends push notification
User(s) using PC Intercom can receives push notification whenever the caller connects to the call direct line.
Place call
Users of PC Intercom can place new calls to any contact in their address book.
Ignore User
Users(s) of PC Intercom can ignore a contact based on their choice.
Send message to active caller
User(s) of PC Intercom can send messages to active caller.
Place call with Speakerphone
Users(s) of PC Intercom can place calls with speakerphone by using call direct feature.
How to use PC Intercom:

PC Intercom Installation:
1. Download the PC Intercom file from the following link
2. Please insert the downloaded file into the desired folder of your computer.
3. Run the setup file. (Click on “Run” option on the downloaded folder).
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. PC Intercom is now installed. PC Intercom activation is required.
PC Intercom Restrictions:
1. PC Intercom is available with the browser extensions and it cannot be used when the browser is not in use.
2. PC Intercom is not able to mute the screen.
3. PC Intercom is not able to activate the system volume and it can not be used with the media player.
1. PC Intercom can mute multiple PCs.
2. PC Intercom works with the microphone and speaker of any PC.
3. PC Intercom does not provide any support for the PC.
PC Intercom FAQ:
1. Can I install PC Intercom in a PC without internet connection?
2. What’s the minimum RAM required to install PC Intercom?
3. How to download PC Intercom?
4. How to un-install PC Intercom?
5. How to configure and use PC Intercom?

System Requirements:

Current Intel and Nvidia graphics cards:
Microsoft DirectX 12 API support
Windows Vista/7/8/10
CPU: Intel i3 2100 or better
DirectX: 11.0
Disk space: 13 GB
Blu-ray drive
Vulkan available on Windows 10
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 or better
Screen resolution: 1080p or higher
Input method: Keyboard
HDCP 2.2 compliant display
Optional: Multi-GPU