Photoshop 2022 (version 23) Download

2. Photoshop has a free version:

**Delve into Photoshop.** Download and install Photoshop. Just click **Start**, and then click **Get Adobe Photoshop CS5 Starter** to load the software.

As soon as you open Photoshop, you’ll see a dialog box asking you to sign in to an Adobe ID account. To use the free version, you need to be registered with an Adobe ID. If you don’t have an account, click **Yes, I’ll Sign In** to sign in and create your account.

The program starts with a few page-sized sample images. There is also a tutorial icon in the upper-left corner that opens a tutorial.

3. To create a new project, choose File⇒New. You’ll see a dialog box where you need to name the project. To start with a fresh canvas, select **New** and then click the **Untitled** button.

4. You’ll see the default options of the canvas, which you can change by clicking the default options, as shown in Figure 1-1. In this step, you see the **Basic** tab to set the canvas size, resolution, color profile, and color space. The default settings match the ones described later in this chapter.

**FIGURE 1-1 Use the Basic tab to change the canvas size and resolution.**

5. If you’re not using the default size, click the **Size & Position** tab. Here you can select the canvas size, horizontal and vertical, and the size of the layers.

6. In the **Layers** tab, you can place your layers over your image, as shown in Figure 1-2.

**FIGURE 1-2 Place the layers on your image.**

To place a new layer, click the layer above or below the background. You can also press the up and down arrows. You can also create new layer directly from the Layers panel.

7. To place a layer, open the Layers panel with the Tab key or by double-clicking on the tab. Click **New** above the layers and then click the **Place** button, as shown in Figure 1-2. You can also use the up and down arrow keys to drag a new layer over the image. Double-click to drop the layer on a new area. You can also right-click a layer name in the list and select **Hide All L

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Although there are many free software and high-quality alternatives to Photoshop, Photoshop continues to be the standard among photo editing tools. Photoshop, since it was released in 1993, is one of the most popular and most powerful image editing tools on the market.

Photoshop is often compared to and is considered to be an equivalent to Paint Shop Pro.

There are lots of ways to work on images in Photoshop.

Using any of the built-in features

Photoshop provides many features that are extremely useful.

Using this software we can do basic edits like:

selecting parts of the image,

grouping parts of the image,

moving the parts of the image,

cropping the parts of the image,

adjusting color,

reducing or increasing the contrast,

applying gradients,

sharpen and blur,

adding frames,

retouching eyes and mouths,

creating funny text,

designing logos, and

Much more…

Even if you are just a beginner, you can make cool images.

Using Photoshop’s draw tool

The tool we are most interested in is called the Draw tool.

There are many shapes to draw in Photoshop, both textured and nonsubtle shapes. This type of shapes can be used to create some really cool effects.

Drawing pictures

To create a picture, draw a picture, or use a template, then place it in the frame. There are many templates to choose from.

Photos, people, cartoon characters, cityscapes, plant, and objects are some of the drawings that you can use for your picture.

Drawing text

You can use the tool to draw text, or make a text template.

There are some cool text effects that you can apply to your picture, like white on black, black on white, and black text on white background.

The Draw tool

Image Settings

Using the image adjustments

We have four ways to work with a picture:

Using Adjustments Layers

Copying and pasting

Image Masking

Using the Transform tool

Using Layers

Using a Adjustment Layer you can add all kinds of options to an image:

The Adjustment layer gives us four options:


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Paths allow you to create ‘drawing commands’ called ‘paths’. In other words, paths are the strokes you use to draw a figure like a circle or a square. You can then use paths as a reference, or’mask’ over other layers in order to create a painting effect.
Have you ever wanted to create a very ‘flat’ looking, cartoonish image like the one in the screenshot above? The Burn and Dodge tool is a Photoshop tool that allows you to remove certain areas of an image that you don’t want (i.e. the grass in this case) and replace them with the areas that you do want (i.e. the brick walls in this case). Here’s a video which explains in more detail.


If you’ve used Photoshop before, you’re probably familiar with the user interface. Here are some of the most important items you should know about:

The Layers pane allows you to organize your images in layers. By clicking the little grey button on the bottom of the Layers pane (the one with the four grey boxes) you can add another layer to your image. This layer will be on top of the one you’ve been working on. This allows you to create many layers and edit them separately. You can also save the image with all of its layers intact so you can easily reuse your layers.
You can add a Layer Mask to any layer in your image. Simply click the little icon in the Layers pane (again, the grey button with the four grey boxes) to add a layer mask to your current layer. Double clicking a layer mask will remove the layer mask from your image, making the mask invisible. The mask allows you to completely hide parts of the image.
Have you ever wanted to quickly delete an image without having to go through the Edit menu and find the Delete button? You can! You can place your cursor over the image in the Layers pane and use the little disc icon at the bottom of the pane to delete the image.
There are numerous functions that you can use in Photoshop. These range from the ability to add a ton of extra text, to paint in new areas of the image or erase areas of the image. You can also get started with using Photoshop to create 3D effects.

If you’re just starting out or you’ve never worked in Photoshop before, this could be a bit of a challenge. But with a little bit of practice, the power of Photoshop will become very apparent

What’s New In Photoshop 2022 (version 23)?

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8GB free disk space
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