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The best image manipulation program for beginners is Gimp. Gimp is a free program for Linux and Windows. For more info, check out the online help at or search the Web for “Gimp Tutorials.”

Photoshop is a powerful image-manipulating tool. While it’s useful for creating sophisticated designs, it’s also very powerful for creating simple designs or even just for creating better versions of images you’ve already created.

In this chapter, you discover how to remove color, burn and dodge, use the clone stamp tool, and remove unwanted elements from an image.

Retouching images

Say you shoot an image with the intention of placing it on a poster or flier. Do you want the poster or flier to have a lacy or even blurry look to the picture?

You may want to smooth out the creases and folds in the photo because you’re printing it on canvas, for example, or on a thick poster board. You may want to brighten up your photo because you want to place it on a colorful poster. You may want to remove an unwanted speck or blemish. The possibilities are myriad!

Photos aren’t the only thing you find yourself retouching, however. Many clients are calling for images that are a bit more polished, a bit less sketchy.

In the world of graphic design, the acceptable level of retouching is extremely subjective. However, because of the demand for high-end posters, signage, and brochures, in the past 10 years, the accepted standards for what’s not “real” has been pushed to almost zero.

Before you can use Photoshop to retouch an image, you must create it. After you create it, you can retouch it.

The general retouching process

Gimp also has a basic retouching mode, so you can do a bit of image cleanup before you have to dive into Photoshop. This technique, shown in Figure 3-1, demonstrates how to remove unwanted elements from an image.

**Figure 3-1:** Remove unwanted elements from a photo before you use Photoshop to alter them.

1. Open the photo.

2. Choose Edit⇒Adjustments⇒Recolor.

In this mode, you can manipulate images by color. You can apply colors to certain areas or remove them from certain areas.

3. In the

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What’s in the box?

The standard box contains:

Photoshop Elements (2017)

Unlimited downloads of Creative Cloud versions

LAN & Wireless connectivity with other Photoshop Elements users over the Internet or through private networks

24/7 online technical support

Standard 1 year warranty

Visual Quickstart Guide

What’s included in the box?

A 4GB USB flash drive

Welcome letter

Power adapter

Technology fast forward

What if I have a different operating system?

Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017) is designed to work with Windows 7 or Windows 8. It can not be used with Windows XP.

What if I have a different version?

You can install the Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017) trial version on your computer, use it and then purchase a license for the full version.

Although there are no long-term licensing fees, you must purchase a yearly subscription if you would like to use the software online and offline or to use the software on more than one computer.

License activation

It will be automatically installed on the computer.

You can activate the license key by running setup from within the program.

It’s not been activated

You’re supposed to run setup when you buy the program.

Make sure you’ve downloaded Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017)

If you have an older version of Photoshop Elements, you must uninstall it before installing the program.

Before you install Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017), open the CD or DVD that came with the program.

Right-click on the installer and select either “Run as administrator” or “Run as” and then follow the instructions.

In the case of Windows 8 or Windows 10

Select the Settings charm on the taskbar.

Click the Downloads tab.

Find the installation file and select the “Run” button.

You will be prompted to close all running programs before installation. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Type your Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017) license key in the box.

In the case of Windows XP or other Windows version

Open the file you downloaded to your computer and double-click the setup file to start the program installation.

Type your Adobe Photoshop Elements (2017) license key in the box.

In the case of Mac OSX

Click the App Store icon at the top-left of your computer screen.

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