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* Aesthetics: It enables photographers and graphic designers to change images’ colors, contrast, and shadows and to add special effects like cropping and printing. * Artistic and creative: It has many layers that enable multiple edits, tools to fix bad exposure, and the ability to mix images, plus other commands that make it suitable for artists. * Computational science: From working with pixels and pixels and pixels, you can also use many mathematical and computational science tools to change an image’s orientation and produce the perspective and perspective-correcting view of a 3-D image from a 2-D image. * Communication and collaborative work: It allows users to work with or invite others into a project, plus it supports activities such as resizing and cropping images, blending images or parts of images, coloring or shading images, creating complex shapes, and applying special effects. * Drafting, design, and illustration: Photoshop is a graphics program for artists. It allows you to change colors and create special effects to help you visualize ideas more quickly. * Image enhancement: From fixes to exposure, it can be used to enhance an image, whether it’s a landscape, portrait, still life, or any other image. * Layout and print: It enables you to combine images together to create templates for other things like letterheads, posters, or brochures. It can also be used to prepare an image for printing. * Layout, illustration, and design: It has tools to help design websites, logos, and any other type of image. * Manipulation: It has many tools for image manipulation. * Photography: It has many functions for creating photos, including using layers and tools to correct bad photos. * Processing: It enables users to manipulate and organize large files, including creating, cutting, and pasting multiple files. * Project management: It has features to enable you to manage your work and easily share what you’ve created with others. * Retouching and photo restoration: It has tools to fix shadows and eliminate unwanted areas of an image, and it can restore photos to their original condition after months, years, or even decades of neglect. * Web and mobile: Photoshop can be used to create websites, blogs, social media graphics, and more. * Video and film: It can be used to create special effects and edit videos and movies.

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If you’re looking to take your Photoshop-using skills to the next level, we recommend checking out the following advanced Photoshop tutorials: The following comparison chart highlights some of the more commonly used features of Photoshop, as compared to Adobe Photoshop Elements: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Elements Basic editing Tool/ Brush Selection Adjustments/ Layers Effects Color Blend Brush settings Blending Sketching Colors and Tint Effects Blending Stylize (special effects) Shapes Animations (moving images) Animations (still images) Animations 3D (for still images) Layers (borders/frames/bevels) Impressionist Images (Windows only) Canvas (Photoshop CC only) Filters (Windows only) Smooth Physics Paths Solid Curves Drop Shadow Patterns/Pattern Fill Gradient Layers (Windows only) Enhance Borders Text Illustrations Sepia Cyanotype Photo Filter Make Watermark/Chop Embed Watermark Canvas (Windows only) 3D (Windows only) Mask (Windows only) Sharpen (Windows only) Crop/Rotate Annotate Speech Text Effects Stickers Border/Frame/Bevel/Frame Effects Selection/Merge Artistic (Photoshop CC only) Magic Wand Auto Color Auto Contrast Auto Levels Bleach By Layers Pencil Ruler Threshold Gradient Maps (Windows only) Hue/Saturation Invert Channel Mixer Channel Mixer (Windows only) Indexed Color Hue/Saturation Mask (Windows only) Color Variations Gradient Map Vectors Path Mask Paint Bucket Wand Spatter Lookup Table Swe 05a79cecff

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Minimum Requirements: Recommended Requirements: Minimum Specifications: The following system requirements apply to the PC version of Tom Clancy’s The Division. The System Requirements for the console version are: The following system requirements apply to the Xbox One version of Tom Clancy’s The Division.