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Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is an incredibly cool program that helps you create websites. When it was first announced as a web-based tool, I had no idea what it was. Once I found out, I immediately downloaded it and downloaded about 25 tutorials on how to make a website using this program. Muse allows you to drag and drop a free canvas onto a website-style layout and build it and allows you to add elements like videos, widgets, and slideshows. These elements can be embedded into your website. It’s pretty cool!

Adobe Muse is available for use on the web or via your computer. You can find more information about Muse at

## Plan for the Future

It’s very important to think about your skill level when you try to gain new skills. As you know, people have different abilities and those who have been working on a skill for a long time generally have a better understanding of the subject. Beginners can’t always ask those around them, and often times experts don’t understand the depth of what is being asked.

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How Photoshop originally worked

Each Photoshop file stored in a computer is a collection of several objects, like layers, or parts of an image like brushes.

Photoshop Elements has a simplified file format called TIFF. All layers are stored in a special file called a Smart Object. Each object in a file is saved using a saved image format like JPEG or PNG.

While Photoshop can open and save many different image formats it’s most popular format is PSD. The original Photoshop has two main components: The Document window, and the Layers Panel. The Layers Panel displays all the layers currently in a file. You can edit any layer, and move any object in any layer. These layers are called Smart Objects. You edit the original images in the Document window.

Photoshop Elements only has one panel called Layers. Each layer has its own information such as the location of that layer in the file, or the name of the layer. You cannot move a layer within the document window, but you can move a layer on to another layer. The objects on the layer above it are considered below the layer, so you can have a watermark under the characters of a font layer. The layer is used like a pallet on which you can place objects.

So Photoshop as a whole is a collection of layers and the Document window is the actual set of objects inside the file.

How Photoshop Elements uses Layers

It takes the basic concepts of Photoshop and adds a few more features. The big difference in Adobe Photoshop Elements is the Layers panel. This is where you move objects on to other layers.

The images are displayed as layers in Photoshop Elements. Any object or part of the image can be moved to any layer and combined with any other layer, just like in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements uses a few layers which are called Smart Objects.

Smart Objects stores the original layer data, including information like the location on the canvas where the layer should be displayed. A Smart Object is resized to fit any layer space. The objects on a layer aren’t transparent, they are just set to display with a dot for their fill. Photoshop Elements can display the original layers as transparent objects. Photoshop Elements users have the freedom to edit layers to add objects to them and overlap other layers.

Smart Objects are like a pallet from which layers can be moved.

Properties of a Layer

Smart Objects are the building blocks

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Month: May 2012

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It is because you will appreciate where you are today. Yes, tomorrow you can do better, but today you are more than fine. You are unique and that is wonderful. In life, you will have low points that you willAndrew Schofield

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A House committee wants to know why Canada’s spy agency reports on Canadians who are involved in court cases.

The public safety committee has asked the Communications Security Establishment Canada why it collects and retains the information on individuals who appear in court or who are publicly involved in criminal cases.

The department failed to provide a response, prompting the committee to refer the matter to the federal privacy commissioner for a review, Conservative MP Byron Trotter said Friday.

“There are limits to what can be done by a government agency,” said Trotter. “You have to ask yourself, how far does government intrude in our life and what is the social and intellectual cost of this level of intrusion.”

The department of justice sent a four-page response to the committee on Thursday after it sent a first-time request in November for information on the practice.

Schofield couldn’t be immediately reached for comment on Friday but documents tabled in the committee show officials are scrambling to justify the practice by suggesting it may be illegal or unconstitutional.

The department’s only answer to the committee is about whether the practice is lawful in the first place and whether it undermines the government’s ability to keep Canadians safe.

Last year, the department said it collected information on Canadians who are not Canadian security threat but who are in court or publicly involved in criminal cases.

The department cited section 42.1 of the Security of Information Act, which allows CSEC to collect that information “if it is reasonable to believe that the information is relevant to the protection of the government of Canada.”

The privacy commissioner’s most recent annual report says the agency received about 100 requests in 2010 to access records under the Act. It said 66 of those requests were rejected and 34 were accepted and fully or partially complied with.The present invention relates to

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