There's a lot of content on YouTube, and naturally, we subscribe to the providers of the content we find most appealing. There's no shortage of such channels, and it's easy to get lost in tracking all of them: getting notified when someone posts a video is a viable way of going about this, but there are better methods.
Chrome Web Store has plenty of extensions to improve the user experience on the popular video-sharing website, and PocketTube for Chrome numbers among the more popular ones, and for good reason: categorize your subscriptions based on topics, integrate them in the main page and sidebar, and more.
An easy way to sort everything
As with most add-ons, installing doesn't take long and doesn't involve any complicated operations. Upon adding the extension to your browser, you'll see a new Subscription Groups section in your YouTube sidebar.  Clicking it will allow you to create new groups, as well as see the channels you're currently subscribed to.
It's needless to say that creating a group only takes a few seconds: choosing your preferred icons to assign to the groups may take more time, though. After getting this done, you can navigate to the Channels tab and start categorizing everything. The process is intuitive and shouldn't pose a problem for anyone.
More personalization
Besides having the groups nicely slotted in your sidebar, the extension also allows for some extra customization. Clicking its icon will reveal some settings to make use of: for instance, you can hide the grouped channels in the sidebar and move them directly to the homepage, where your recommended clips are.
The extension additionally supports a Tags functionality: based on your grouped channels and the generated tags, you can view the newest videos on a topic from your favorite creators.
What's more, you can also have the subscription groups inform you of any new videos directly from the sidebar through an icon: it's non-intrusive, but hiding it in the settings is possible if it bothers you.
In conclusion
PocketTube claims to improve the user experience on YouTube, and after some thorough testing, we can concur that it does.








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With PocketTube, you can keep track of channels you like by sorting them into categories, a feature which saves you time and makes your browsing easier and more intuitive.
See what new content your favorite channels are posting and enjoy the content from your favorite creators all in one place.
– Save your favorite channels on one page, organize them by topic or group them to get a more accurate view of the content you like
– Join an existing group. Select a channel name, a group icon and click “Add to group”
– Add multiple channels to the same group
– Customize the groups with your favorite icons and customize the channels page with channels from the group you added
– Check your subscriptions with a single click on a thumbnail
– Receive a notification when a new video is posted
– Search for videos based on the tags assigned to the channels you select
– Sort the channels by the most popular tags
– Filter with your own tags
Key Features:
– Sort channels by topic and group them by channels
– Add or delete groups
– Sort and filter channels on your subscriptions with a single click
– Add multiple channels to a group
– Customize groups’ icons




Things to do! (and not to do):


Final cut project:

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This one is a little spoiler free.
This whole journey is basically just a long trip from the point I’m leaving right now. I shot the beginning and the end and then lived in the middle for about five months.
You know this whole doing a documentary thing? I�

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Want to browse the web and manage multiple tabs at the same time?
Most browsers are equipped with a tab feature that allows you to group your open tabs.
It provides the main advantage of keeping your tabs clean and displaying only the ones you actively use at a particular moment.
With this extension, you can duplicate those features.
With the duplicate tabs feature, you can have up to 5 open tabs running at the same time. And when you open a new tab, it will be displayed in the tab group right away.
This feature is really useful when you need to easily switch between several tabs of the same web page.
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✔ Allows you to open the new tab in the tab group right away
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✔ Allows you to open the main page by clicking the tab button
✔ Allows you to open a new tab by clicking the tab button
✔ Allows you to open the new tab in the tab group from the main page
✔ Allows you to open the new tab in the tab group right away
✔ Allows you to open the new tab in the tab group from the main page
✔ Allows you to open a new tab in the tab group right away
✔ Allows you to open the new tab in the tab group right away
✔ Provides bookmarking function
✔ Provides bookmarking function
✔ Allows you to switch between tabs within a tab
✔ Allows you to switch between tabs within a tab
✔ Provides auto-update feature
✔ Allows you to auto-update the extension
✔ Provides an auto-update feature
✔ Provides an auto-update feature
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Subscribe to channels by interest. Anytime. Anywhere.
Need a way to find the videos you’re looking for?
Online or offline?
Are you finding it difficult to keep up with your subscriptions? Let’s sort it out.
With this simple extension, you can now quickly choose by interest. Subscribe to channels by interest. Anytime. Anywhere.
What are channels?
YouTube channels are collections of videos by a specific topic or location.
Discover new topics with the channels you already like, and watch new videos from the channels you already like, in any order.
A subscription manager,
View your subscriptions from your profile.
View channel info.
View Channels, based on the channels you subscribe to.
Visualize your subscriptions.
Filter the content you see.
Currently supported:
Facebook Pages

The Live Search tool is a great addition to Google’s search engine. You can use it to find music, videos, events, and channels on YouTube in a multitude of ways. You can search for a specific artist or simply type the name of a band or group to find related video content.
To begin the search process, press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard and type a phrase. You’ll see a list of results pop up that you can use to refine your search or to add additional keywords. Be as specific or vague as you’d like.
Live Search has a few tools to help you find results, including Collections and Playlists. Collections will let you sort videos by channel, by uploader, or by date. Playlists are a great way to organize multiple videos from a single source, such as a band’s music video collection. Collections and Playlists can be created through the Live Search tool.
YouTube Playlist
Once you have a list of videos, you can go a step further by clicking Playlists. When you click on a Playlist, a page will pop up that will allow you to create a new playlist or edit one of the existing ones. While you’re there, you can choose to do a variety of tasks,

What’s New In PocketTube For Chrome?

Streamlabs is a platform for video creators, journalists and publishers. It offers a customizable monetization and dashboard for all types of content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Vimeo and beyond. It is a one-stop mobile and web solution that allows content creators to manage their entire workflow, including negotiations with streaming websites or YouTube Partners and advertiser management via one user interface.

The main features of Streamlabs include:

· 1. Customizable Monetization & Dashboard
· 2. Analytics
· 3. Connect and export your data with partners (Facebook, Google, Twitter)
· 4. Play, pause and rewind live videos
· 5. Report tools
· 6. 3rd party tools, such as Billing tools, Content Fulfillment and Custom Promotion tools

Get started for free, no credit card required.

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Installing the Streamlabs Add-On is the first step in becoming a revenue partner with them.

There are other ways to earn a more passive revenue stream, such as by selling the rights to your channels, and promoting your channels on sites like Reddit.

But if you want to stand out among the crowd, you should start out by creating a YouTube channel.

Well, now you can get even more value out of that valuable resource.

The Streamlabs Channel Dashboard is a simple solution that helps you increase the visibility, sell more ads, and grow your channel.

You can create a channel with Streamlabs in less than a minute, for free.

It is completely free, and you don’t need any credit card, just your email for authentication.

But, don’t wait. There’s no better time than now to take advantage of the Streamlabs offer.

You may find many other similar add-ons on the Chrome Web Store; but when choosing a tool to manage subscriptions in YouTube, Streamlabs is definitely one of the best available.

This article has more on similar tools for managing subscriptions in YouTube:

Hey YouTube

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Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit
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