Provides a simple tool for monitoring and taking action on a selected process
Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and is configured through an INI file
Includes alarm and limit support with easy-to-use options, quick alert, and fail-safe reporting
Available for download at: ProcessGuard

Unreleased Alpha build of Winamp 5.1. This includes all of the Live TV and 5.1 updates, along with: System tray, queue support, new playlist window, and the removal of program/file combo in playlist window when we have EQ playing.

Xtables v.0.5.1 – Xtables is a small and simple utility to analyze and modify IP packets. It is designed to be easily installed and updated, without requiring IPL, with very few dependencies. Includes release 0.5.1 for Windows 2000 and XP.

Taskbar Icons (EXE) v.0.20 – This project provides ready-made taskbar icons (16×16 size) for Windows 95/98/Me. They can be used to replace OS’s default taskbar icons. Source code is available.

Tv2PCS v.2.0 – v2.0 of Tv2PCS is a tool for extracting PVR-PAL content from/into MPEG Transport Stream (TS). For this update we have added the ability to extract PVR-PAL content from TS recorded on non-tuner STBs. NOTE: versions prior to v2.1.3 require a ‘usage license’. Please see the project homepage for details.

Thanks to all the developers for giving me the chance to post a very interesting news. See you all.

KDE 4.1 Beta 1 Builds

What is KDE 4.1?

KDE 4.1 has reached Beta quality and is now ready for a wide testing. It contains the advanced Plasma workspace which is the successor to the original plasma-desktop project, and the KDE 4.1 applications. This release includes some great new features but it is full of bugs – please test them and report them!

KDE 4.1 is not intended to be used as a desktop environment – it is a giant new step in the direction of a truly free operating system – but all of the KDE applications will run on top of it.

What’s New?

Plasma Workspace


ProcessGuard For Windows [Latest]

The CPU Monitor, launched with just one click, is an easy and efficient way to monitor your computer’s activity. With this tool, you can check the CPU usage of specific processes, and sort them by name, so you will be able to launch with ease. Your computer will be alerted in the event a process deviates from your set limit, and will stop running any applications it is monitoring until you confirm.
Process Guard Key Features:
* Create custom process limit alarms with different levels, notifications and actions.
* Use the Task Manager as a tool to quickly stop processes from not fulfilling your needs, or monitor CPU usage.
* Monitor CPU usage of specific processes using the application.
* Easily manage the app settings and INI files through the Windows text editor.
* Restore the application settings with any saved file.
* View system information through the application GUI.
* Launch as a portable app.
* Customize process monitoring limit alarms, notification times and actions.
* Monitor RAM usage of specific processes.
* Delete shortcuts without application.
* Toggle in-text menu visibility.
* Full uninstaller.
* Added in Windows 10.
* Updated for Windows 10 Creators Update.
* Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
* For Advanced users.
* The Process Guard License Keys are FREE.

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Similar Software of Process Guard Description:

CPU BarrierPro (CPU Barrier 2.0)CPBarr1.2.0.002Low/High CPU Usage Bar with Notification, CPU & Disk Barriers, Reminder, Regular, Auto & Advanced OffCan be used as a CPU graph monitor, as an alert system and as a reminder clock.CPBarr can work with Process monitor in PERFMON mode, so you will be able to easily monitor, alert or display a CPU barrier and notify (with sound) when your CPU usage goes above or below set user limit…

CPUWattsCPWatts is a free utility to monitor and graph the CPU usage of any running process. It was created specifically for people who care about the efficiency and performance of their system. It is a basic CPU graph monitor for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 with Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 support. It provides notification when the usage goes over and under a user specified threshold. It has a built-in…

The PC MonitorThe

ProcessGuard Incl Product Key For PC [Latest-2022]

ProcessGuard is a lightweight utility to monitor and terminate excessive processes, ensuring your computer can perform in optimal condition.
What’s New:
1. Feature Improvements:
. Make the Host Name and IP Address visible, even if the full path to the process is in the Name column.
2. Bugs Fixed:
. Fixed an issue that caused ProcessGuard to terminate a program (and incorrectly showed the “Operation Stopped” message) when the process was stopped by the user before the process detection was complete.
. Fixed an issue that resulted in the incorrect message being displayed if a process was forcefully stopped using “Taskkill /PID {PID}”
. Fixed an issue that caused ProcessGuard to incorrectly restart the process if the host name and IP address were not currently displayed.
. Fixed an issue that prevented the user from seeing the progress of an operation when using the “Detail” option.
. Fixed an issue that caused ProcessGuard to start up slower than it should when a process had been terminated, and re-started.
. Fixed an issue that caused TaskManager to stop running a program once ProcessGuard was launched.
Read the full list of changes in the release notes.

Are you ready to move to Windows 7? If you prefer not to have to pay for it, you can download a great free OSX app called “BackupMgr” to do it all with.
It’s a simple app, but does many of the things you may not be able to do on a full version of Windows 7, like backing up your documents, and making sure your computer is ready for a clean install of Windows 7.
The app also checks your computer to make sure there are no missing system files, or viruses that could get in the way of the clean installation.
You can download it here for free:
This video shows it in action:

How to make a short description of software?
Today, my friend sent me a description of software: “Software InstaShield – protection from theft and theft from your PC”. (помогите пожалуйста перевести слова)
Автор: Алекс

What’s New in the?

ProcessGuard is a free software designed to monitor a target computer’s system performance. It not only allows you to easily detect any problem, but also view a list of current CPU and memory usage for each process.
It is a simple to use and intuitive application, with a clean and professional appearance. It even allows you to set customized alarms, if you want, so you can easily be informed when to react to a problem.
What is more, you have access to System Monitor, including process list and PID, with a clear view of current CPU, memory and network traffic, all of which makes it a very useful tool, especially for advanced users.
The application is relatively easy to set up, and user guides are available in case you decide to customize the software further. It can easily be integrated into the Task Manager, and you don’t even have to go for any installer.
Since it’s relatively easy to install and well designed, the application might not appeal to everyone, but if you’re looking for a free software that will allow you to quickly and easily keep an eye on your system, then it’s definitely worth looking into, especially if your system is showing signs of slowing down.
Process Guard key features:
• Add your own alarm if needed
• View active CPU, memory usage
• View list of current processes, along with PIDs and their status
• CPU usage displaying per-process / systemwide
• Simple to use
• Setup alarms
• Set limit
• Set time
• Customize messages
• Prompts for confirmation
• Customized action when limit reached
• System Monitor integrated
• Simple INI config file
• Displays latest activity from the computer
• Clean and professional appearance
• Well designed and intuitive interface
• Free to download, and use for free

a screensaver that runs on every PC, Mac and mobile device? Say hello to Guess Lock in
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If you’re here on, you’re taking a look at the 2016 / 2017 version of GuessLock, the free screensaver that runs on every PC, Mac and mobile device. Today, we’ll be talking about the milestones, giveaways, updates and improvements in this edition.
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System Requirements For ProcessGuard:

•Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 (64-bit)
•Minimum: 1 GHz Processor; 1 GB of RAM; 2 GB of available hard drive space
•Internet connection
•Language: English, French, Spanish
**Additional system requirements may apply for certain game modes.
** Certain features of the game may not be supported on the following gaming devices:/*
* Copyright (c) 2008, Swedish Institute of Computer Science.
* All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary