3 Month Live Webinar

Live Course BY Appt ONLY


  • Wholesaling
  • Flipping
  • Rentals
  • Construction management
  • and MORE!

You will learn from an experienced real estate investor the finer arts of investing. Without using your own money, you can invest in real estate.


20 Calls a day x 6 days a week is 120 Calls

120 Calls a week x 52 weeks is 6240 calls

If you close 1% of those 6240 calls that is approx 62 deals

62 deals @ $10k per deals wholesale fee is $620k yr

Do you have what it takes to make 20-50 calls a day?
Do You Know What To Say To Potential Sellers
Do You Know How To Structure The Contracts?
Do You Know How To Close The Deal?

Real Estate Flippers:

Do You Know Where To Find Best Deals?
Do You Know How To Analyze Those Deals?
Do You Know How To Predict Market Shifts?
Do You Know How To Manage Contractors and NOT GET BURNT!!!!!! (Biggest Pit Fall For Most RE Flippers)


Do You Know Driving For Dollars For The Best Deals?
Do You Know How To Analyze For The Best Cash Flow and ROI?
Do You Know How Screen Tenants Properly To avoid Vacancies?
Do You Know How To Cash Out Refinance and Use Almost $0 Of Your Own Money?

My Job To Help You Make Calculated Risks And Net The Most Amount Of Money

The Best Part ALL Of This Is ONLY just $449 a month.

No Hidden Fees, No Setup Fees,
No Up selling JUST $495 month !!!

That’s 96% cheaper than many of the other real estate courses out there—and our course delivers better results!

Terms: 495 per month for 3 month live webinar


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