Projectile Launcher is a small, easy to use, Java based application specially designed to help you study the forces that are at work when launching a projectile.







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Persisting all the latest projectile launch records which you can interactively sort.
Providing an interface to save and load new records at will

Visualize the forces that act on the projectile at launch and impact.
Allows an accurate analysis of the trajectory of the projectile as a function of launch speed.

Each record keeps the following fields:

Projectile mass (kg)
Velocity of projectile (m/s)
Diameter of projectile (cm)

How Projectile Launcher Works:

The Projectile Launcher application is intended to be used in a more or less interactive way.
It is a Java application and launches projectiles using the Java class library.
It parses the sequence of recorded events and stores them in persistent objects in an object based cache.
Each record in the cache is saved in a simple text file which you can edit and/or add to.
The application allows you to interactively explore the detailed information in each recorded event and visualize the forces at play.
The application is meant to get you interested in forces and trajectories.

What are the forces at play?

When launching a projectile, the air acts on the projectile as a medium through which forces act.

The first force is the one due to gravity.
The second force is the force of aerodynamic drag experienced by the projectile.
The third force is the one due to the effect of air resistance during flight.
The magnitude of these forces increase with projectile mass.

The application shows you the three forces in three different ways.
The graphical views in which the speed and the total integrated force acting on the projectile is shown as a function of time.
These views visualize the effect of gravity and drag which increase in strength as the mass of the projectile increases.
The basic view allows you to interactively control the force values at play.
The advanced view allows you to interactively control the maximum potential energy, maximum kinetic energy, maximum speed and impact distance.

Save and Load Records

The user interface allows you to save and load records at will.
Each record consists of the projectile properties which are then saved in a text file.

How to use Projectile Launcher:

The Projectile Launcher application is intended to be used in a more or less interactive way.
It is a Java application and launches projectiles using the Java class library.
It pars

Projectile Launcher Free [2022-Latest]

* Launches a projectile (of your choice) at the desired speed (in real world speed or in a fixed speed setting).
* You can select the launching angle and the angle of the projectile after launch from a GUI.
* You can choose from the 3 main types of projectile that can be launched – ScratchGuns, Explosive Shots and Sonic Projectiles. Each projectile type has a unique sound and feel.
* You can use the launcher to launch “Photons”, an elegant, but basic projectile that can be used to simulate light.
* You can pause or stop the launcher during the launch.
* You can launch a projectile from a resting position.
* The launcher can be programmed to record how much force is generated by the launch and you can work out the kinetic energy of the projectile.
* The launcher can be programmed to play a different tune while the projectile is being launched.
* With the launch modifiable you can set the correct center of mass of the projectile so that you can launch the projectile at the same speed but over a different distance.
* You can play a sequence of sounds (including the launcher sound) to build a tune.
* You can change the sound effects to include launchers and projectiles as well as explosions.
* The launcher has several configurable parameters.
* Projectile Launcher is inspired by SONICPEER and JumpShot.
* The launcher will compile and run from a scratch folder.
* The launcher can be easily extended to record the forces as shown in the demo below.
* Projectile Launcher is intended to be a tool for hobbyists who like to design and play with sound effects.
* Projectile Launcher is free to use and free to modify.
* Projectile Launcher is free software, licensed under the GPL version 3.
* Projectile Launcher is NOT free software, but you can buy the ready made launcher from my web site (requires Java 1.5 or later)
You can download the latest version of the launcher from the following URL:

Projectile Launcher is in Open Source development. If you like the launcher and wish to contribute to its development please contact me.

A Bit of History

This idea for the launcher was conceived in early 1996 when I attended the University of Western Australia. I was living at UWA and attended a lecture given by Dr. Ian Underwood

Projectile Launcher For PC (Latest)

Projectile Launcher allows you to launch a projectile (a.vtl file) from the command line in the same way you launch a file from a text editor (Drag and Drop).
Projectile Launcher automatically handles things like time shifts, exit codes, multithreaded launching, and interrupting the launching process when other programs need access to the output file.
Projectile Launcher generates a launch log file with detailed information about the launch process.
When launch is complete, Projectile Launcher writes a summary of the process to the log file.
Projectile Launcher saves launch logs in plain-text format, can be read by other applications such as terminal viewers.

Projectile Launcher Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I launch a projectile?
Projectile Launcher uses three different techniques to launch a projectile:
Drag and drop from a text editor: You can drag and drop a.vtl file to the Projectile Launcher icon on your desktop to start it.
Wine launcher:
.exe: You can drag and drop an.exe file to the Projectile Launcher icon on your desktop to start the launch process.
.exe: You can drag and drop a.exe file to the Projectile Launcher icon on your desktop to start the launch process.
How do I add my own projectiles?
You need to create a.vtl file, either by opening an existing file or creating a new one. The file can be anything, just as long as its a.vtl file..vtl files are purely text files with 4 lines of information: the name of the projectile, the angle (in degrees) and the speed. If you provide a speed value of 0, the projectile will not have an exit velocity.
When launching a projectile, you are not required to specify a name for the projectile. However, the launcher does generate a name for you. For the launcher, to specify which projectile it will launch, just add the path of the projectile to the command line. For example, if you are launching a projectile named foo, you would use:

How do I add my own projectiles?
Projectile Launcher is fully multi-platform compatible. You can launch.exe.vtl files using a Wine launcher and.vtl files in almost any text editor including Windows Notepad, Notepad++ and even Sublime Text.  You can also launch.vtl files directly from the launcher icon on

What’s New In Projectile Launcher?

– It should be simple to use.
– It should show forces (pressure, gravitational, force of acceleration of launcher, enforced by launcher and atmosphere).
– It should  allow you to do your own research (what is the largest launcher that can be launched?).
– It should be able to read data for launchers from the Net and World Land and Air Launches, and also deliver the data it downloads using a HTTP response.
– It should be able to display data in as simple a format as possible.
– It should not be too complex, and not so simple that it does not provide all necessary information.
If you are interested in, or know of, a particularly excellent implementation of any of these features, please feel free to contribute it!

**How to use Projectile Launcher
You can use projectile launcher by starting your browser and entering the following

You can also use projectile launcher by downloading a zip file from here
and unpacking it:


**Author: Krishnan Menon
Committed: Wed Mar 6 16:39:24 IST 2017**
** 28-Jul-2017: Re-committed to fix NPE bug

**Updated: 12-Nov-2017
Projectile Launcher Version: 5
Dataset Name: HAUSDEFAULT dataset
Orbital Launch Status: KARAS

Projectile Launcher is a tool to help study the forces at work when launching a projectile.
Here is the launcher.
After using it, get together with your friends and do your own research: what is the largest launcher that can be launched?

System Requirements For Projectile Launcher:

Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (x64 and x86)
300 MB Hard Disk Space
Processor: Intel Core i5-3370/AMD FX-6300/Intel Core i3-3220/AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon R9 390/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti/AMD Radeon R9 280X/AMD Radeon R9 Fury
DirectX: Version 11
Controller: Gamepad
Network: Broadband