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You’ll be able to regularly reset these at the bonfire inside Yhorm the Giant’s boss room, and harvest many enemies in the small temple quite shortly before coming back. Going via the hallway to the rest of the temple is perhaps tedious, however it’s an extremely efficient supply of souls early on in the game.

You need to use any weapon you enjoy; simply you’ll want to infuse it with a Refined Gem. If you care about min-maxing, the perfect weapon for a top quality construct is the Hollowslayer Greatsword, a boss weapon obtained after killing the Curse-Rotted Greatwood-considered one of the primary bosses you’ll face. It scales absurdly effectively with each Power and Dexterity, reaching an Assault Score of 516 when both stats are 40. It also has an awesome moveset with a healthy mix of hyperarmor (stopping you from getting stunned mid-animation) and swings. When you don’t like greatswords, be at liberty to make use of any weapon that scales considerably well with both or each stats. As soon as once more, a Refined Gem will do wonders for this build.