QuickOrder is a POS software you can use to manage your business. You can take the orders with the restaurant-handheld, the data will be send to personal computer at cash desk, endowed with Touch Screen. Automatically, the orders will be delivered to the kitchen and bar. To print the fiscal document for the customer click on the touch screen the table that appears on monitor.







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Think about those days when you were a salesperson and you had to sell yourself in an interview. Or maybe the time when you had to give a presentation to a prospective client. In these situations you’d probably have to research some of the most important data of the deal, list all pros and cons, describe your strengths and weaknesses and how you would approach the situation.
In today’s business world the world of commerce and the world of retailing are more closely interlinked then ever before. This is why the amount of data available is at your fingertips. Knowing the facts about your business, its progress, product, process, staff is a great advantage.
Organize your information and generate reports. The most important thing is, the data is organized in such a way that you can analyze it in a much better way. You can locate the data quickly with well named categories and by means of a structure that enhances your understanding of the business as a whole.

is professional POS system helps you to manage your sales, inventory, deliveries, customer services in the most effective way. You can set various conditions to control the delivery times and lets you know when and how long your customers will have to wait. You have complete control of all your business transactions at the point of sale with the ability to set up a customer’s requirements in unlimited ways. The POS system provides you with the opportunity to use a wide variety of different types of funds and create a number of diverse banking methods. You can enable or disable the functionality and report and provide you with unlimited flexible solution.

Store Attendant is a popular choice for those looking for a simple but flexible software system. Store attendant records the details of all customers at the POS. This allows the store clerk to recall information about the customer when they provide in the payment details for credit card transactions.
Store attendant is a simple and easy to use system. The main screen shows a list of all active customers. Each one can be sorted alphabetically by name, last name, address or by the types of purchases made within that store.

The Menu Poskoý is a professional POS solution to manage your restaurant inventory. Inventory is automatically processed and a detailed inventory report is created for you after every transaction. Ordering is a simple process in this POS software for restaurants. The menu and prices are shown in the same screen for all transactions. Menu offers can be adjusted as per your needs, from which you will choose the quantity of the item or the price.

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The program is a POS management application which can be used to manage a restaurant, a bar, a supermarket, or any other business that needs a POS device. The system is designed to turn all kinds of data into printable documents, such as POI (Point of Interest), sales report, then export the documents to PDF or Excel with the printer. You can also change the content of the documents by changing the text and images. QuickOrder Cracked Accounts is a total integrated POS solution which will help you to manage your business and achieve financial goals with ease. A real POS system which provides the most simple interface of POS system, with the most convenient operation, the most secure system, and the most powerful features.

It is designed to be the simple, effective and free of charge POS system.. The program combines the easiest mode of operation, with the advanced use of payment card technique. Developed to help to manage and control your business with ease. It supports dual-language support and multi-currency function, and multiple input methods including barcode scanner, keyboard, barcode scanner, wireless network, and multiple terminal devices.

Also, you can send the orders from the food cart to the kitchen by selecting the area that appears on monitor on the touch screen. When it is finished, you can print or email the order to be delivered to the customers. The system allows you to easily customize the financial documents of your business, such as sales report, receipts and purchase summary of your establishment. Using the unique control of data, it can be changed into PDF format through the printer. You can print, email or view on your computer screen within seconds. The program helps you to manage your sales, inventory, payroll, and other information, and enable you to keep track of your customers.

The program is to meet the needs of your restaurant, store, retail, or other business which needs a POS. It allows you to run a retail business. Using the barcode scanner, scanning the barcode, and other data can be used to automatically input the data to the system. Easily manage all types of data, including sales receipt, sales record, operation data, customers information, employee information, inventory data, as well as to run reports for the POS.

QuickOrder has a beautiful user interface for small business users. The basic system has the simple menu. Depending on your preferences, you can also create menus, change the background color and the theme of the main screen. The program is designed to be very attractive,

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-Manage your customers online
-Manage in your store all day your customer
-The orders have an automatic delivery to your warehouse
-The goods have a secure delivery to your warehouse
-Manage orders and the customer of your shop
-Manage the customers of your shop
-Handling the payments online
-Manage the buying of your products
-Manage the stocks of your warehouse

-Manage the sales of your shop
-Manage the customers of your shop
-Manage the customers of your shop
-Manage the payments online
-Manage the buying of your products
-Manage the stocks of your warehouse

-Manage the orders of your store
-Send the orders to your warehouse

-Manage the ordering for the kitchen and bar
-Manage the restaurant

-Manage the food ordering screen
-Can follow the order of your customer

-Can select the products that you want to take orders
-Manage the products of your shop
-Save the products of your shop
-Manage the receipts of your customers
-Manage your shop receipts

-Save the orders you take
-Send all the orders in the same day

-Print sales to your customers
-Print the receipts of your customers
-Print the orders of your customers
-Print the receipts of your customers

The software has the possibility to track the customer and all its orders
-The order of the customer if you take it in the restaurant
-The order of the customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant
-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer if you took it in the restaurant

-The order of your customer

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QuickOrder can be installed on a desktop PC, laptop or a


System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later
800MB hard disk
2.2GHz CPU
Windows 8.1 or later
1GB hard disk
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or later
Linux Mint 14 or later