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Thanks to the skills of acclaimed veteran Japanese RPG developers, the latest mobile title based on the New Fantasy Action RPG franchise has been completed. Players can now challenge and enjoy the game’s heroes, including Kairi and Cygnus, with much more freedom than before.

■ Features

* ■ Characters

A group of characters come from the Lands Between, where the planet has already stopped revolving around the sun. They have come to the human world to seek revenge on humans.

Taizo Godo

A child raised by rabbits in the Lands Between.

Kairi Aoi

The latest elder sister of the Godo Clan.

Taizo Godo

A powerful leader with an unshakeable pride.

Knife-en Capi

A legendary swordmaster who sets out alone after her.

Eikindaimai Godo

A reclusive boy who has only memories of the Kingdom of Elden.

Gelmis Godo

A young man who makes his living through family ties.

Kairi Aoi

The elder sister of the Godo Clan. Her elder brother is the ruler of the land.

■ Characters

The lands between are an area of the planet where gravitational anomalies have occurred due to a crystal that is being consumed by time. This crystal is called the Elden Ring Crack, and the people who possess it are called the Elden. The people of the Lands Between are currently in an era where they are sealed within the crystal’s energy.

Kairi Aoi

Kairi is the younger sister of the Godo Clan. She is currently a young girl in the age of 18 years. Kairi’s mysterious sibling has not been seen since an accident at the temple in the Lands Between. When Kairi meets Taizo Godo, she comes to the human world to seek vengeance for her brother and to complete her brother’s suicide.

Taizo Godo

Taizo is the younger brother of the Godo Clan. He is currently an adult in the age of 18 years. Taizo is the world’s most capable sniper. Taizo’s pride was knocked down when he was made to watch as Kairi killed her older brother at the ceremony. As a result, he decided to die and vanished into the Lands Between.

Knife-en Capi


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • On-going story of an epic drama.
    A Vast World: Be amazed at the beauty in the Lands Between.

  • Elden Lords Aim for Victory
    As an elite entity, your allegiance will be sought. Choose your path, forge a tribe, develop a castle, and obtain the allegiance of others in the Lands Between.
  • Customization: You can change clothes and weapons. As you progress, magic and cosmetic items will be available to your character.
  • City Life and the Wilds Between
    In the city, you can use magic and hone your skills. In the wilds between, large guilds are developing.

  • Character Renown
    Reveal your strengths and amaze others by earning greater renown among the Elden Lords.
  • Network connections of up to 8 players
    Unite with your friends in the Lands Between and shape the future.

    • RPG Online Multiplayer: You can connect with up to 8 other players through the network. In the Land Between, you can use special items to talk with your allies and cooperate to beat powerful monsters. There are 3 modes:
      • Routing Game : Drop cubes to receive an item, earn EXP, and purchase items to try and complete the cube contents for a variety of items.
      • Free-for-All : Clear out obstacles and fight monsters that appear in your path until one is completely removed.
      • Social Free-for-All : With the Runes of Fate, you can obtain and purchase special items using coins earned in the routing game, so that you can freely join in the Free-for-All.
      • Quest System: In the World Between, adventurers are drawn to the richness of spoils. Gather the support of a local Gold Tribe, strengthen your defense to protect yourself and explore the Land Between.
      • Romance : You can fall in love with at least three people and make them your wife. As a skilled player, you can lay siege to the castle of a rival NPC and marry her. Even if you lose, your characters will prosper.
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        Overall I’m a fan of the Elden Ring so I’m keeping an open mind on this, but after a few hours of play this demo I think it is safe to say this is a very disappointing game. The combat and exploration is good, the equipment and stats are a nice touch, but ultimately this is a game that feels horribly dated, and despite my love of the concept, it is going to be a chore to play. I can’t decide if it’s the game or just the demo, but I feel I’ve seen this all before, and despite this being a re-make of a genre that hasn’t seen any new quality releases in ages, it feels like someone decided to take the same old ideas and slather a fresh coat of paint on it, rather than shake up the formula and give it a shake of fresh ideas. It plays like a clunky classic RPG that should have been updated in the 90s.

        After putting in a few hours with the demo, it was a real shame to discover that every major decision in this game seems to end up being a total clanger. I’m not big into god games, but even in a crappy demo that early I still had high hopes, that when I began there was a hint of that classic god game experience I had missed in the last decade. It was difficult to care about how my character was doing, and could be switched to a different battle class and equipment at any time, but it was at least a game where you thought about your choices, where there was an impact on the story you were telling. In this one, unless you’re carefully spending your money on myriads of random chests that have no bearing on the story or who you play as, you never get to speak to the one NPC other than your own character, and the one NPC you do speak to will shrug off your attempts to help them with no more than a polite thank you. The character classes, races, and weapons are all dated and just feel like someone went to their walkthrough guide and clicked on all the options for them, rather than using their imagination to come up with something new. The only time I truly felt like I was playing a new god game was the segment where I was racing to build a building in a dungeon before the inevitable monster attack came, and I felt like the combat was pretty competent and fun, and you were actually doing something rather than just collecting gear


        Elden Ring [32|64bit] Latest

        Indulge in a grand adventure as this fantasy MMORPG lets you play with a greater degree of freedom than ever before!
        • A True Fantasy Action Game with Open-world Exploration and Quests
        Fight back against the darkness with the help of powerful spells and items. Discover the story of a vast world filled with a variety of settings, quests, and characters.
        • Character Customization: Immerse Yourself in Your Fantasy World
        Play as a prince, a knight, a druid, a mage, a knight, an elf, a mad-warrior…Create your own character that fits your play style!
        • Fantasy World Features to Enjoy Quests and Battle
        – Explore your own fantasy world. It is up to you to determine what awaits you in the world, and how you will explore it.
        – Fight the evil forces of the darkness to cleanse the world.
        – Gather various items to level up.
        • Battle the Evil Forces of the Darkness with a variety of Characters and Spells
        – Choose from six classes with the strongest spells and equipment!
        – Three mighty avatar figures with various characteristics – each has an exclusive move.
        – Explore new areas and fight monsters with an extraordinary combat system.

        1) Download the game from the Google Play store
        2) Create a Google account
        3) Enter the game’s Google Play page.
        4) Click the Install button.
        5) Enter your Google Account
        6) Please wait.
        7) Return to the gamescreen and click the Google+ log-in button.
        8) Enter your username and password

        Before you play, please select your language and check the Google Play

        Terms and conditions

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        The Old Fantasy Action RPG

        Another Fantasy Action RPG Game is Finally Made

        Welcome to this fantasy action RPG with an open-world exploration system! An old fantasy action RPG with high-quality graphics and excellent game design is finally made! A multilayered story told in fragments, where the various thoughts of the characters intersect.

        Game Features:

        – Dream-like Fantasy World and Main Scenario

        Old fantasy action RPG where you can explore a vast world


        What’s new in Elden Ring:


        • A Variety of Characters and Character Progression
        • A Dynamic Dungeons and Maps
        • An Unparalleled Visual Experience
        • A Tale with a Multilayered Drama
        • A Variety of Missions
        • High Level of Originality and Upgradeability
        • Create Your Own Online Map and Dungeon

        ©2004, Koei/GRASSHOPPER/SNK CORPORATION. All rights reserved.



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        To play it on Internet, you have to obtain the “IP/Hostnames” and put it inside of the “Confirmation” section, when you install it.

        If you do not know how to obtain the “IP/Hostnames” you can visit this link:

        Spoiler for Pastebin:

        Looking around some forums a little bit, and with the help of some guys from the forum, i saw how you can make an MAC version here, so i made this


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