Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

“You would do well to venture into the Risen lands, where Elden magics persist in the fading days of old. In this wonderful story of dragons and demons, you will take on the role of a young man with an old destiny, on a journey to find the Harbinger.

As the Elden lands are overrun by conflicts, you must choose a side and take up the cause of either the Knightly, pagan-inspired Godwielding, or the godless forces of the Stormveil. As a player in the game, you must make a choice as well. Will you ally yourself with the Knightly, unlocking warjacks and equipping them with spells? Or will you affiliate with the Stormveil, embracing their devilish beliefs and commanding devil-spawn? With each side uniting and each side splintering, the choices you make now will shape the fate of the Lands Between.

In this story of four clashing forces, you will collect magic and rise to challenge the invaders from the underworld. As your blades and spells are absorbed by numerous machines, you are transformed to become an avatar of power. When you emerge, you will have the option to continue the story of the Lands Between, or to begin a fresh adventure. In both options, you will be able to customize your character’s appearance and skills, including the abilities to learn or unlock new magic skills and classes, as you fight alongside your allies against the invading forces of the underworld.”

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Features Key:

  • Warfare and Rune Magic.
  • A World of Change
  • Realistic Action Gameplay
  • Realistic Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Realistic Stunning Fight Mechanics
  • Concept of Strong Leader Assistance
  • Overlap System
  • Policing System
  • Victory Conditions
  • Chain Level-Up System
  • Weapon Style Change System
  • Magic System
  • Combat Interaction System
  • Map Corridor Maps
  • Highly Active, Open World
  • Battle System with Slice System and Influence System
  • Free Character Slots
  • Item Slot
  • Map System
  • Character Slot
  • Custom Map System
  • Dozens of Items, Weapons, and Armor
  • All classes in the game have skills
  • 1 class can have 2 to 3 levels
  • Player Stat System
  • Level Increase Items
  • Elden Ring Items
  • Dragon Greatsword
  • Slashing Sword
  • Beefy Saber
  • Magic Staff
  • Spell-like Staff
  • Engineer Light Bowgun
  • Engineer Heavy Bowgun
  • Engineer Rapid Bowgun
  • Engineer Throwing Dagger
  • Engineer Blazing Dagger
  • Engineer Broadsword
  • Engineer Dragon Greatsword 

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    RPG Craftsmanship is Present in the Game’s Graphics
    First of all, the graphics of the game are absolutely stunning. The character models are exquisite, the open world is fully immersive, and it’s all unified in a space that’s just perfect.
    With a beautiful environment that supports strategic and tactical gameplay. You’ll experience a game world that rivals that of other RPGs.
    Second of all, the battle system is terrific.
    With the option to use a traditional turn-based battle, the formation of units, and the ability to skip a turn if you want to, the combat takes on a very tactical element.
    The aspect that really stands out is when you engage in multiplayer battles.
    When other people enter the game world, it becomes a stage that you can’t ignore. In fact, with surround, the battle becomes much more intense.
    It’s actually rather fitting how these battles play out as they’re often portrayed on American TV shows of the 80’s.
    The soundtrack and music fit perfectly with the game world. The story of the game is told through the music, so you’ll probably find yourself humming the songs to yourself as you play.
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    In addition to graphics, storytelling is also done well.
    The story of the game is in a long series of fragments that is being told in chapters. This creates a visual novel approach to storytelling.
    While the story is developed with a series of chapters, the chapters themselves are all completed within a single game.
    With the story taking place over a hundred years, you’ll experience numerous twists and turns, which will create a tense and enthralling atmosphere.
    The choices you make influence the story, so you’ll have to choose carefully when it comes to deciding the story’s ending.
    While the story may seem somewhat linear, the game gives you a lot of options and freedom to make your own choices.
    In the end, you can even make your own endings as well.
    Another feature is the ability to create your own character.
    Even just the concept of the design options is an absolute pleasure to look at.
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Play Features:
    In addition to open fields full of excitement, there are 3D dungeons, such as a town, castle, fort, deep forest, swamps, and castle.
    • Play alone or play with others
    Gather with friends in an instance, or play solo.
    • Multiplayer
    You can play along with friends, other players who are in the same instance, and online players.
    • Play Together
    You can join at a time that suits everyone.
    • Play Solo
    Players can play separately, and switch in and out of a planned cooperative party.
    • Player dungeons
    You can go on your own, invite others, or go to the dungeons together. There are new dungeons that will be unlocked from the stories moving forward.

    To begin, Become a Lord of Oathbound. Be careful who you kill.



    By “morality”, we mean the prosperity of our company and game users…
    The three values of morality: Guild, Game, and Community.
    —Super Dungeon Bros.

    (2B Resource: silver? Expansion Propose Morals V.V.V.

    All material is copyright of Morality Quest developers.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement


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