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The titles below, in the “Foreword” section, contain some important information about these titles.

• SNS (Social Networking System)
This is a social network in the game. You can meet new people, and talk to them with the “Chat” function. If you want to introduce yourself and make friends, you can use this function to introduce yourself. You can also check your other friends’ information, such as their level and past travels, by accessing their user information.
• Overview Page
The game official overview page. You can obtain new information or clear data that has been left unfinished.
• Summon
The Summon feature is a function that allows you to directly obtain an NPC in the game. The NPC can be obtained in-game by using “Summon” in the “Char” section, and such NPCs have a lot of uses.
• Greeting
In a Greeting item, you can obtain a variety of items by talking to NPCs in the area that is on the Greeting map. By using this, it is possible to obtain a variety of items that will never appear in the game by visiting the NPCs and talking to them, and to obtain a variety of items that can only be obtained by visiting the NPCs, such as “Action Request Items” and “Event Request Items”.
• Character Name Change
When you accept or refuse the option to change your character name, you can freely assign your own name to your character. The name you chose will be displayed as your character’s name in the game.
• HP [Health Points]
The HP of a character is the maximum amount of stamina points of the character. High-level characters have a large amount of HP points, and so if they are attacked by a monster or are hit by a spell, the amount of damage they receive is immense.
• Stamina [Points]
The Stamina of a character is the maximum amount of points of stamina that the character has. When you are attacked, the amount of damage you receive will decline depending on the amount of Stamina you have.
• Weapons [Weapons]
Weapon is the first type of equipment. You can use the weapon to attack enemies in the game. The attack power of the weapon is enhanced by giving it “Essence”. The collected “Essence” will be consumed at a rate of 1 “


Features Key:

  • A Naive Hero: You are a traveller from the unknown lands, a guardian from the Elden Ring.
  • A Simple Skill System: With the help of objects you equip, improve your combat ability.
  • Unique Online gameplay as a part of a Multimedia Experience: You can fight with others in a vast online environment.
  • Gorgeous Visual Results: Experience the production value of an HD game on the PC.
  • Play without Distracting Ads or In-Game Incentives: Your goal is to simply play the game, not to win a prestige rank.
  • Elden Ring comes from:

    • Elden Ring — Key Features
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    LCD SoundWaveThu, 31 Oct 2013 10:59:20 +0000Black DesertMon, 28 Jun 2014 22:36:04 +0000DevTeam: Marking posts as viewed allows a users to easily filter out all of the posts they've viewed.

    昢 It's been a goal of ours from the beginning to make the membership fair and uniform.

    昢 The thing that got me the most about RPG Maker was that people on the dev side just accepted groups so easily. They didn't care what the group name was, who was in the group, or what content any of us posted.

    昢 We still do accept groups that are of bad quality, we just really try not to go full on with the delete button and not accept groups that are barely more than a bunch of posts on a blog. The minute the dev guys complain about non-actionable posts or a post spamming group I will eliminate it.

    昢 The forum was a lot more a simple forum to moderate, where if a new poster turned out to be


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    “The Elden Ring is an RPG that is filled with the most exciting aspects of games,” said Greg Miller of TheXboxHub. “From awesome characters to a decent story, this game will keep you enthralled for hundreds of hours.”

    “If you loved Pokémon or Ogre Battle, you are going to love this game,” said Mike Greenstein of IGN. “It is the absolute epitome of old-school RPG gameplay. It is absolutely everything you want in a JRPG.”

    “The Elden Ring is an RPG with a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours, an immersive game world that needs to be explored and an action packed battle system that you won’t be able to put down,” said Ty Moss of GameSkinny.

    “The Elden Ring is a game that is on par with the most memorable titles of yesteryear,” said Thomas Canavan of TheBestApp. “This is a must have for any RPG fan.”

    The Elden Ring features an online multiplayer mode with the ability to connect with other players worldwide and with the ability to explore a vast fantasy world that is filled with open fields, vast dungeons and in-depth and three-dimensional designs that are as vast as they are deep. The gameplay of The Elden Ring will have you stay engaged for hours with the choices and characters of the story that will lead you along an epic adventure to fight against a variety of enemies and experience events that will always feel fresh and spontaneous. The Elden Ring brings to life a mythic fantasy world of action and adventure that will satisfy your RPG desires.

    Hi this is the game that I tested out and it was not bad but the character was really lame and the story sucked and it kinda sucked before I played it(hat’s my opinion I mean the game was ok only because I loved the game above anything else).

    This game is still in development so to me it isn’t a full version or a demo and it sucks. So it will change and you won’t get it.

    So if you want a good game from a good developer make sure to get the full game. Or don’t try playing it it sucks.

    It gets worse…. I didn’t like the game even when I played it but since the game is supposed to be coming out in a few days so I got the chance to play it last night and I still didn


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    1. Dear users, thank you for the evaluation of the Beta Patch.

    We wanted to ask you some questions regarding the Beta Patch. We have detailed answers below and we hope you can understand it.

    ・Questions and Answers:

    Q. Why did you remove the character creation function?

    We will announce the official beta date and the open trial soon. It will be implemented after the official open test.

    The reasons are:

    ・We are not satisfied with the ease-of-use and the pace of character creation yet.

    ・The impact of the character creation function is relatively large.

    ・We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the users.

    This is the main reason we choose to remove the function.

    ・Why were you looking to remove it when you had plans to implement a cross-play function?

    We are implementing a cross-play function.

    The cross-play function will be implemented after the official open test.

    However, for now, to respect users’ privacy, we would like to remove the character creation function, and we will check back to the effectiveness of the cross-play function.

    Q. Why does the game have different resolution, depending on the country?

    The game’s resolution differs by country, due to the differences in the resolution of monitors


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    1. Download the game from the downlod button 2. Done with the download, open the game and login 3. Click on help4. Done with the help, click on “Modify Hardware CODEC”5. Done with the modify hardware codec part, go to the game folder where u installed ELDEN RING and click on “elden ring.exe”6. Done with the crack, run the game

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