The forerunner of Dungeons and Dragons’ planar based RPG genre, the “Elden Ring Free Download RPG” is an action RPG fantasy game released for PC. The game, developed by uMeta, offers a unique fantasy action RPG with a unique fantasy setting, story, and gameplay. The game features high level of graphics, sound, and intuitive role playing. You will be able to enjoy the feeling of an action RPG while taking on a bit of a challenge when meeting fearsome monsters to defeat.

This game is only compatible with PC.

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Features Key:

    • A New Fantasy Action RPG
    • A Rich World of Excitement
    • A Multi-layered Story with a Rich Background Story
    • A Guiding Light for You and a Source of Joy
  • A New Fantasy Action RPG
  • A Rich World of Excitement
  • A Multilayered Story with a Rich Background Story
  • A Guiding Light for You and a Source of Joy
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    Elden Ring (Latest)

    “While it can be hard to find a group to play and maintain for a long time, as well as with people to split off from, it’s worth giving it a shot. A game that will take you places. It’s easy to get sucked into the world once you start playing it.”

    “It has its moments of fun and is a rewarding thing to play. In total, there are enough elements to keep you engaged, and the game’s persistent world keeps you coming back.”

    “There are different paths to choose from, and you can even try to go at it alone and fight through the grueling boss fights to the end. All in all, there are a lot of good things about it. The battle system is a unique gameplay experience, and it’s fun to watch and hear how the players develop their characters.”


    “Full of potential, but it needs some work to deliver on its promise as a deep, cohesive world. With more polish it could be a title for most gamers to get swept up in, but there’s still more that the game needs if it is to be great.”

    “In most ways, it’s a good take on an action RPG that makes it hard to get carried away. It has good ideas, but could do with more variety, particularly in terms of the types of combat you can use, or in the events and story progression. But there are so many neat details it’s a shame they can’t be wrapped up in a much better package.”

    “A good, solid action-adventure RPG with a complex system, which is a little hard to get used to at first.”

    “The potential of the game is great, but there are a lot of issues that could really hurt it from achieving greatness. There are a few technical issues that could have been addressed better, and the pace of the story is slow, but it is still a good RPG.”

    “The game mixes mechanics and their complexity, while also trying to add a sense of mystery and ritual into combat and play. It’s a great design, but it’s hampered by execution, and a lack of content to bolster it.”

    “It’s a good piece of work, but it could be so much better. There are problems with its story, character development and pacing, but it still has an interesting combat system, and there are


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    THE ELDEN RING, a mobile game, became very popular for the game play, beautifully crafted world, and the competitive PvP match system which perfectly combines both continuous enjoyment and PvP play.

    The PvP match system, which is, of course, the most different element from other games, is performed by the combination of several matches, and the player whose PvP winrate has been continuously improved for a year or more is awarded with an exclusive PvP title in the form of a character’s name, the title of a class, and a shield.

    In addition, the player who wins PvP matches will obtain a special item called the Colossal Stone, which is created by combining Battle Stones and the Colossal Stone Spell, and can be used to instantly raise all stats of the character to the maximum. The Colossal Stones are exchanged for Battle Stones once a week, and are automatically generated as the player’s Battle Stones are exchanged for Colossal Stones as a reward for PvP win.

    All the battle Stones that the player can use, as well as the value of the Colossal Stones generated and exchanged, are displayed on a different screen. As the player continuously improves through PvP matches and earns Battle Stones, he can raise the character’s stats to the maximum limit to obtain Colossal Stones, and can enjoy the game even with his low level.

    The PvP match system can continuously be performed by the player for a year or more, and even when you progress to a level in which you are not able to progress by PvP matches alone, such as when you are in the sieve with the rank of Wizard, you can win Battle Stones by creating a PvP match.

    The PvP match system is possible only in THE ELDEN RING which offers a large and skillfully crafted world, and, as such, is the first action RPG game in which this PvP match system is added.

    The game play in the game is performed by having the player with a party of five characters build a town, having the party travel together through a vast open world, having various challenges while developing the party members, and gradually rising in power and obtaining a great battle by gaining experience and advancing in the world.

    Thanks to the PvP match system, which is the innovative element that makes players continuously stay engaged, and the large open world, which makes you experience joy as you meet and defeat new monsters and explore the world, THE ELDEN RING was the first mobile game in which the PvP match system was


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    [Image not included]

    Launched in Japan in late 2014, Atlus’ latest dungeon crawling RPG, 'The [email protected] of the Starry Skies' or 'Revenant Wings' is performing pretty well in Japan. With a storyline about a group of teens in a world over taken by demons, I'd say there's a good chance this series will keep its Japanese fans happy. They've even done a con-pack of the latest games including The [email protected] RPG, as well as the recent…, which has made this game on sale this winter. There's still a long way to go, but The [email protected] RPG will be sold in the U.S. later this a dungeon crawling RPG where you play a kid with a heroic skill set, interested in nothing and observing the war, who isn't really serious about anything, but ends up at his basic level of almost nothing, suddenly fighting demons together with others. This is despite his not wanting to get involved at all. There he meets a guy who knows his secret.  The player's story unfolds around him as he and other character Kaito Endou turn towards destiny, and that involves him being forced into situations he would never get involved with. This battle-obsessed kid joins the Starry Skies with you and your friends in an already undead world. It's an RPG filled with demon hunting, a world power struggle, and a surge of emotions in battle.  And the fighting is really fun. Each character's moves have their own character, and the system takes into consideration magic and magic upgrades, take to get the most out of their passive skills, and physically and numerically limit the features.  After being beaten by a few foes, he'll prompt himself, like in real life, complaining about the battle.  The first thing that popped into my head was the high school boys' manga I used to read in my youth. After he throws a tantrum about the battle, the protagonist is merely reluctantly


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    1. Start the game and click on the “elden_ring.exe”.
    2. Play your game in offline mode.
    3. Press F1 on the keyboard to go to the configuration menu.
    4. Click on the “Interface Settings” button.
    5. The interface settings page will open.
    6. Under the “Display” tab, tick “Show all icons” and “Show all health and mana bars”.
    7. Under the “General” tab, click on the “Game Settings” button.
    8. The game settings page will open.
    9. Under the “Graphics” tab, select “Low settings”.
    10. Under the “Visuals” tab, select “Black text on black background” and “No music”.
    11. Under the “Sound” tab, click on the “Music” button.
    12. The music settings page will open.
    13. You will hear a short introduction to the game followed by the Elden Ring theme song.
    14. The game will then run through the main menu where you can choose your character.
    15. Choose “1st Person View” to play the game.
    16. Press F1 on the keyboard to open the configuration menu.
    17. Click on “Interface Settings” in the configuration menu.
    18. The interface settings page will open.
    19. Under the “Display” tab, select “No icons” and “No health and mana bars”.
    20. Click on the “Theme” button.
    21. The theme settings page will open.
    22. Choose the “Black and White” theme.
    23. The game will then run through the new theme screen.
    24. Save your game.
    25. The game will now be displayed using black text on a black background.
    26. Click on “Start” to play the game.
    27. The game will now run in the black theme.




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  • Welcome to the OFFICIAL worldwide renderer for World Of Warcraft Vanilla, 0.9.18.
    – Custom skin support and tool support.!

    (1.2.5) * No more tool-tips! Add error handling of potential unhandled errors.

    (1.2.4) * Force deletion of objects that can’t be deleted (if tried to delete the left accblock and trash it).

    (1.2.3) * Improved freezing/toggling of skins (replaces the usage of the button to the left).

    (1.2.2) * Newly added tool-tips for the inventory. New, less intrusive tool-tips for tooltips. 

    *Removed some of the deprecated function calls.

    Updated to LLDB, lets you use more easily.

    If you find errors/bugs please report them to or on the Github Issue tracker.

    You have to drop info on Github to download the last version.

    The DEVKIT uses the following font: – Brush by DroPaint (700)

    * ** 

    * **    **


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 1 GB hard disk space
    Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or better
    Other Requirements:
    At least one Microsoft Windows


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