In the world of the Elden Ring, a great empire divided by a devastating war rages on. To protect their lands, the three clans, Tarnished, Rapt, and Valoran, formed alliances to face the enemy. After they met at the summit, a great flame of hope burned bright and a moment of peace came. The three clans had been brought together, and they were protected by a magical stone that made them strong.

Trading started to flow between the clans, and the prosperity of the Lands Between reached its height. For a thousand years, an era of peace and prosperity has flourished.

However, the three clans became divided again. The following years became a long battle.

The war continues to rage on.

It is now time for the world to awake from the slumber, and a great chaos is brewing. The three clans will once again unite to confront the enemy.

What is the mythical, enigmatic stone that confers great powers upon the three clans?

Now, you must decide whether the fate of this world will be governed by three clans or one.

Collect these three stones.

Collect the three powers of the Elden Ring to become an Elden Lord.

[Expansion] Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to forge the Elden Ring.

The prophecy tells that the world will be witness to an ancient battle between the three clans. But before it happened, three stones were collected. Those stones, now called Elden Stones, are the very essence of the Elden Ring.

Whoever possesses all three of them, becomes an Elden Lord.

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to forge the Elden Ring.


Character Creation

◆ All Characters Start Off at Level 1

In all games, characters begin at Level 1.

◆ Create and Customize your Character

In the game world, you can customize your character as much as you like. You can change your character’s hairstyle and outfit, as well as the ability of equipment. You can change the appearance of your character and customize the stats and skills of your character.

For example, if you are a mage, you can increase the amount of spell points and put points into accuracy in the First Materia. If you are a warrior, you can allocate more points


Features Key:

  • Easy to get into: Adventure and RPG game designed for those of you who prefer to use smartphones.
  • Simple and intuitive controls: Easy to play an new point-and-click RPG game and immersed in the world of fantasy in 5 minutes.
  • Create your own experiences: Play the game in three unique ways: RPG. In RPG mode, there are various actions to perform as well as opportunities for character customization. Chronicles. The various storylines open in succession, and can be freely viewed in non-stop mode. Discover the events unraveling around you through the game content.
  • Crush your enemies as you play!
  • 7 Streaming services to choose from:

    • Te Amo Guild (PokeMongo App)
    • Te Amo Guild v(Batte App)
    • Pokemon GO
    • Guinrai – Rudariko no Shouten
    • BANGAN-GUINRAI (Bing/Yahoo


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      베스트 체크박스를 통한 게시물에 적용된 실행 및 감사도 계시며, 스트립 블로거나 저도 자세히 온라인 블로거 게시물에 적용된 것으로 정리하여 저작권 공격을 진심으로 하지 마시고, 다른 블로거나 도중에 번역 당연히 제목에 붙어 있을 수 있�


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      Gameplay Tarnished game:

      Gameplay Elden Lord game:

      Play with friends, connect with others, and take part in the online elements of the game, while each having their own unique rewards.


      A brand-new and unique element unique to the game.
      Invite your friends to play online through a new “DM Room”, or through a Facebook account.
      If you have friends online, you can play with them in “1 vs 1” mode, and also play in a “4 vs 4” mode or a “2 vs 2” mode.
      By building your own party in “Party City” mode, you can also play in “1 vs 1” mode with other people.


      Create unlimited characters, and customize your character freely.
      Even if you have leveled up a character, you can freely change the character’s sex, race, class, equipment, and so on, to create a character that suits your play style.
      Many of the event items that appear will change for each character, so you can create more exciting and unique characters.


      The Lands Between are an infinite world where you can freely roam around to find a variety of dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
      Examine your surroundings and find hidden items, and then go on the adventure!


      There are three unique aspects to the attack system, which you will use as you progress through the game.
      1. Energetic system. For every attack, your “Energetic Points” are consumed. If your overall “Energetic” points are depleted, you will not be able to attack.
      You can use a variety of items to replenish your “Energetic” points.
      2. Attack system. Attackers can use “Attack Commands”, which are different for each character type.
      Each character has a level of which you can “Resolve the attack command”.
      If you cannot resolve the attack command, you will be unable to attack, but will not necessarily lose Stamina or Magic.


      Unique ability command which your character has. It is an item that can be equipped.
      Three attack


      What’s new:

      Choose from five dragon species. As you level up, strengthen your bond with your dragon and freely obtain their skills.
      "Charm", a skill that helps you gather monsters.
      "Psych", a skill that helps you predict the behavior of enemies.
      "Strength", a skill that teaches you a skill.
      "Balance", a skill that enhances your standard stats.
      Gain experience points to level up and increase your stats!
      Those skills are acquired through the association with dragons.
      "Special", a skill that is obtained through the association with dragons.
      You can learn the skill by achieving a certain number of experience points.
      "Master", the highest level of the skill.
      Solely obtained through the association with dragons.
      Each of the 5 species has a different dragon type. As you gather monsters, level up, and strengthen your relationship with your dragon, there are strong bonuses with the dragon of your choice.
      You can equip several devices and skills that are acquired through combat.
      Additionally, you can equip the Avant Spirits, and in exchange for the resources acquired, you can acquire traits that greatly enhance the power of your devices.
      You can choose the type of your chosen device among the 10 standard devices, and obtain a unique special effect and bonus effect with a new element for each exclusive device. And once a device is equipped, it will never disappear until you erase it.
      Devices can be equipped on weapons, backpacks, and accessories.
      You can use these devices in an endless series of combinations to enjoy unlimited fun.
      By acquiring special items, you can deploy the boosted combat ability, enhanced experience points and increase the speed of the hunting and battle process.
      On your journey, a unique feature from WIND MANIA ARENA is added!
      "Air Battle", for combat in the air.
      "Hearts", for gathering monsters


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      Keyboard & Mouse | Code:



      System Requirements


      Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 3.0

      4 GB RAM

      1.8 GB Video Card

      Nvidia GTX 465 | 1 GB Video Card


      Installation & Command Lines

      Click the Download button and download the game.

      Paste or type this in the Command Line to extract game:

      7-Zip {5f319e8f-3957-2b5d-9d89-d7ec7aaea47b} – e 8192 * -pD “$\TREM.TAR.7z” -x1 -y1 -fzip -opaw -suid /I “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\T.R.E.A.M\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2” -di “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\T.R.E.A.M\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2”

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      CMD /C copy /b s:Software\Eidos\T.R.E.A.M\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2\common\autobuild\builds\general_v1\*.nod\ “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\T.R.E.A.M\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2\common\autobuild\build


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