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The game “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” had created a great impact on its players through its immersive atmosphere and complex storyline. However, it was developed solely by Crystal Dynamics, which had limited resources. This situation had led to the inefficiency of the game and thus the conclusion of the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” online game service for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As a result, the team of Naxat Studio has been working on the RPG action game “Elden Ring” since the end of April 2017. “Elden Ring” is an RPG game that is the spiritual successor to the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” game. For this reason, as a result of careful studies and keen observations, we realized the need for an action RPG game with a genre that is far from the RPG of today.
While we are working on improving the various parts of the game in order to increase the content and prevent problems as we develop the game, we want to make our players feel a unique game experience within the Fantasy Action RPG genre.
In order to realize this, it is necessary to gather the various resources and create a game in a truly immersive environment.
In order to achieve this, the team at Naxat Studio has been formed with carefully chosen people with an amazing skill set and experience.
• A Team of Experts
Players are looking forward to the game. As you can see, this team’s skill set is outstanding.
• A World Full of Action and Drama
The team at Naxat Studio consists of an experienced group of individuals. Each of the staff members has a wealth of experience in relevant fields.
• A Deep and Complex Storyline
Within the RPG genre, we realize the need for a story that is deep and complex. “Elden Ring” has the story that will put you into the shoes of an innocent girl who becomes an extraordinary badass in a world where the boundaries between good and evil are clearly defined.
Thanks to the world of “Elden Ring”, we are creating a world full of suspense and excitement. Not only that, but you will see a story full of the action, romance, adventure, and drama that you associate with the RPG genre.

“Elden Ring” will have a comprehensive package of excellent contents that include a world full of action and excitement, a deep and complex story, and multiplayer that you cannot experience in the online RPG genre.


All images and names are trademarks or


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer: 2-4 player co-operative battle style.
  • Customizable Character: Equip your characters with an arsenal of weapons and armor to suit your playing style. Customize the appearance of your character and equip various buffs and magic in the creation of the player you wish to become. Intrigue different factions and send your enemies to extinction.
  • Relationship with the Characters: Stories are told through visual novels written by characters
  • Stories: Experience the epic dramas of the Lands Between.
  • Diverse Battle Modes: Defend a village, the floor of a dungeon, a huge tower, or bring down an ancient pirate ship.
  • Agetto: “The Tarnished God” dashes around the field as it attacks your opponents. Will you be able to catch it in time?
  • Cascade: Seeking out the multiple routes that connect the open spaces of the world.
  • Maps: Experience the three-dimensional map that the Lands Between has.
  • Order Board: See the status of your attacks and try to optimize your outcomes.
  • Class System: Unlock new classes when your character evolves.
  • Equipment: Equip your characters with various weapons and armor to respond to the various monsters and meet your needs.
  • Combat Experience: Enhance your combat techniques as you become stronger with combat experience.
  • Play Together: Online Multiplayer, which allows you to simultaneously enter the game world with others to fight, and the asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
  • The Elden Ring is available on the App Store for the App Store which supports English, Korean, and Japanese languages.

    The Lands Between is still only in Early Access, and we are making a concerted effort to do our best to meet the expectations for the development of our ideas. Please encourage us to make more additions and improvements to the game in the future.

    The Developers:

    • Philip H. Anselmo
    • Wilson Javier Velardi
    • I-Phan, Inc.


    – Development progress –

    • Please stay cool. Please be patient with


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      Love Elden Ring Download With Full Crack game and love the Unova Region. The new Region’s Link is a way to make this region a great route to even MORE great games like pokemon deep world and Nuzlocke. (going to start doing the new region next playthrough and doing a NSBP)

      Overall, good game overall, hope they make another Elden Ring Cracked Accounts game in the Unova Region. A really great game. And ELDEN RING game has got to be one of the best RPG/Sword/Vampire games for this generation.

      Review by Slip:

      Love the new Vassal field design, Need to give the details a bit more.

      Love the new dragon types like the Hildrad to my surprise. I like how they made it so different and cool.

      Love the new summoning like the time spell and I love there is no time limit on the summoning. Hildrad is so bad at attacking. What’s his attack is Counter and a summon so it takes a little more skill in the high level games.

      I love that each of the main lands have their own dungeon style. Each player can have their own style of gameplay.

      Love the new non-regional arena system. It’s more like you are exploring a grand dungeon in your own way and it’s nice.

      Love the new system for skill acquisition. it’s like a Mario where you want to press only the right place. Like returning to the starting location, increasing your skills and abilities each time you return.

      Love the new story of the main lands, but still can’t comment too much on it. It’s cool and I love that it’s a history of the Twilight empire.

      Love the new difficulty levels. I love the higher difficulty. It makes it more enjoyable.

      Love the new sub-weapon properties. It’s a cool new system like the Electrify mechanic. Love it.

      Love that the quests are like the dungeons, each player can have their own style and each player can play each region on their own playthrough.

      Love the new summoning and summon system. It’s like powering up your Summon Form.

      Love the new land ships. All I wish is that the sky might be the Limit.

      Love that the world map is easier to navigate. It’s easy to figure out where you are. Love the new Synergy function in the upper left. Makes you say, ”


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      • Action RPG with Character Customization
      Combining the best RPG and action game elements, Rise, Tarnished features a wide variety of characters and hundreds of equipable weapons, armor, and magic. In addition to the “Role Play” mode where you play as a chosen character, you can freely mix and match the weapons you equip and customize your character according to your play style. By utilizing the various skills from your party, you can freely decide your own path by creating your own personality.
      • Living World
      Since Rise, Tarnished’s world was initially created solely for the game, the living world, Wild Forest, has been continuously expanded. Link to the various locations in the world and meet players from around the world through the event system. Play your favorite parts of Wild Forest with players from other countries.
      • Endless Action on the Fields
      Explore the vast world that offers a variety of regions. In addition to combat, you can also interact with various characters, solve puzzles, and make items. Various locations are connected through dungeons and travel points. Establish a variety of dungeons and express yourself by your own creativity.
      • Multiverse Universe
      A multiverse universe. The Old World was destroyed due to a disaster, and the vast land that exists in the Lands Between was formed. Throughout the times, the world has been repeatedly destroyed and reborn.
      In Rise, Tarnished, you play the character that managed to survive from the Old World, which is now called the Lands Between. The world’s history and story are unfolding in Wild Forest, an interconnected world that has been created according to the people’s wishes.
      • First of its Kind in Online Dungeons and Gameplay
      Thanks to a variety of unique features, Rise, Tarnished becomes the first online RPG where you can freely enter various dungeons, ranging from a relatively standard sized Dungeon to a gigantic Dungeon that offers 3D dungeons with a wide variety of environments.
      • A New Online Online System
      In addition to the standard multiplayer modes, Rise, Tarnished also supports the online asynchronous system, where you can meet other players through the game.
      By gathering people with the same goal in mind, you can overcome difficult situations with other people and create your own story.
      * Based on Fantasy Sword – Fantasy Action RPG Character User Interface – 29.7
      * Based on Fantasy Sword – Fantasy Action RPG in Tarnished World – 28.8
      * Based on Fantasy Sword – Fantasy Action RPG Skill Lv.1 – 20.2


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      What is “Syndicate-Style PvP”?
      The PvP, or Player vs. Player mode, is a mode in Card Hunter where you can fight against other players at the same time by following certain rules.
      Unlike action-RPGs, in which your character is your main character, your “cards”, or cards in this game, you can individually designate up to 3 cards as your main characters. You can play with any of these main characters at any given time, but they have their own territories and attack range. Similarly to MMO-style attacks from monsters, you can use cards as weapons against other players within their territory. This is called “Syndicate-style PvP.”
      In an “all-attack, rampage” style, you can attack other players while you move around in your own territory, but you will not be able to attack players who are not in your territory. This allows a very immersive experience as you work your way around the map to find players who are weak and vulnerable, and eliminate them.
      You can also directly connect with other players and travel together while in a group, or depending on your alliance, you can establish a guild with other players who share the same goal.
      In Card Hunter, there are 3 scales of PvP: Normal, League, and Syndicate. Each scale has its own map, and you can become stronger through the accumulation of experience points.
      • Battle with Other Players’ Cards
      After selecting the rule type of PvP, you can fight against other players’ cards. In RPG battles, you attack by examining your opponent’s health and choose a card to attack first.
      In Card Hunter, on the other hand, you can attack your opponent by using your own card to attack the territory that your opponent occupies. You can also attack the territory that your opponent’s card is on by attacking the card itself or by sending a card to attack


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      Copyright – Trademark : Blizzard Entertainment: this game includes Blizzard trademarks, characters, trade names, logos, and other subject matter or intellectual property protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights and laws.

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      How To Crack:

    • Extract the downloaded file.
    • Run the setup file to install the software.
    • Run the “Config.exe” file for network and gameplay settings.
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    How to by & Protect your game…:

    • TURN OFF your ANTIVIRUS / Antispyware / Phishing protection.
    • Confirm your ID on the forum and let me know.
    • Install TURBOGARE then MAX TURBOWARE to set up your game environment.

    The Games…:

    • Warrior of Elden Ring

    • Warrior of Elden Ring Prologue

    • Escape from Space 301

    • Escape from Space 302

    • Afterscape: Rebirth

    • Afterscape: Ravage

    • Escape from Zombie

    • Escape from Silence

    • Escape from Slow Death

    • Afterscape: Secret of the Cage

    • Afterscape: The Lost City

    • Escape from Trinity

    • Escape from City 0

    • Escape from City 1

    • Escape from City 2

    • Escape from City 3

    • Escape from The Hell Tower

    • Escape from Might

    • Escape from Dark Dimension

    • Escape from HE…

    • Escape from HP…

    • Escape from HD…

    • Escape from Escape Duel

    • Escape from Darkness

    • Escape from Heavenly Sword

    • Escape from Blue Sky

    • Game:


    System Requirements:

    Trial version may contain glitches/bugs/errors, please report to Gamefaqs forums.
    Storyline Synopsis:
    You are Soren, a quiet young man who is on a mission to uncover the mysteries of the ancient universe. During your journey, you uncover ancient documents, creatures, and artifacts which are sent back in time to protect you from a hostile civilization of creatures and machines.
    Soren’s goal is to uncover the secrets of the universe to bring peace to mankind, but, in his efforts, he also uncovers


    Download Setup + Crack ⚙⚙⚙

    Download Setup + Crack ⚙⚙⚙

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