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2. How can you fight a war against an eternal enemy, and not run out of bravery?

You are a general who serves the Elden King, the most powerful ruler in the Lands Between. Because of your great strength, your enemies flee in fear. You are fearsome because you embody a certain single desire to become an Elder Lord. Your duty is to defend the Elden King, but the Elden King is also a living soul. All people and creatures in the Kingdom of Beshard serve him. How can you fight a war against a malevolent enemy, and not run out of bravery?

3. What are the characters of the Lands Between and what kind of dialog can you hear?

Creatures born of evil exist, and the Lands Between is inhabited by a variety of both good and evil. Soldiers, hunters, merchants, nobles, and farmers, all play a part in the world of the Elden Ring.
Dialog about the Lands Between is divided into two categories:
– The Lands Between, which is a sacred place full of floating islands. You will hear the following dialog here:
A knight offers his life for the peace of the Lands Between.
A beautiful lady in a luxurious castle says, “I’m so glad to meet a man in the Lands Between.”
A rich merchant says, “I’m giving you all my money, and trusting you to do the right thing.”
– The lands that have been subjected to darkness and despair; known as the Dark Lands, they have a slightly dark and dismal tone to them. Here you will find the following dialogue:
A warrior in armor asks, “What kind of sword did you get?”
A prince says, “Do you know the strength of the Dark Lands?”
A young man says, “You could be a better man than the one who created the dark spirits.”
4. What is the world of the Elden Ring?

The Lands Between: A land of endless plains. The darkness of the world of the Elden Ring began to descend here. The curtain of the world of the Elden Ring was drawn open here. The Land of Clouds: A land of clouds surrounding the Land of the White Moon. The Land of the White Moon is a land that is home to only the Moon Kingdom, and the source of all the magic of the Elden Ring. The Land of the World of


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Features Key:

  • Fully Customizable Heroes
    Any NPC in the Lands Between will be optional, free to pick-up on your side.
  • Free Exploration Ahead
    Explore, gather, and fight! There are many adventures to be on the lookout for, offer your best shot!
  • Unparalleled Action
    Unleash the power of your arms and magic on your dungeon digs, or hide behind illusions and perform crafts in silence, the action is yours.
  • Epic Martial Arts
    Sword and knife swipes, burly punch attack, acrobatic moves, petrifying claws, these primal warriors are the masters of combat!
  • Infinite Possibilities
    The Lands Between has always been shrouded in mystery, and now you can discover even more about the paranormal world.


    Explore a vast world full of excitement.


    Unlock an expansive adventure of events and decisions.


    Unleash the power of your arms and magic on your dungeon diggs.


    Plan a variety of unique quests using multiple character builds.


    Set foot in the serene castle of the Wise.


    Relive an adventure of key notes and unique text.


    Battle rabid rats with your trusty mount. A playful mount that will make your heart race.





    In the dark places of the Borderlands, ominous demons crave for blood.


    Accessible with


    Elden Ring Serial Key For Windows

    “Elden Ring is a fantasy game that is just as much about having fun, as it is about entertainment, and this game doesn’t fail to deliver in the slightest.”
    “My first impression of The Elden Ring is one of enjoyment.”
    PC Authority
    “The final product is a neat RPG with great graphics and gameplay.”
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    Elden Ring Incl Product Key

    “A brand new fantasy action RPG that moves away from the conventional battle system.”

    The Elden Ring is the armor that links the two worlds: Apocrypha and Elden. But, even so, a terrifying power has begun to roar. Grunthor, a knight who is the bearer of the Elden Ring, is guiding you to become an Elden Lord. You will accompany Grunthor to fight a great evil and help him slay the chief villain “Shade” in the Lands Between.


    ◇ Grunthor

    Grunthor is a swift knight who wields a longsword and shield. He is a bearer of the Elden Ring who is entrusted with guarding it in the Elden World.

    ◇ Meagan

    The daughter of a wealthy noble family. She wields a rapier and a shield. The slender, tall, and fair Meagan’s prideful and aristocratic bearing serves as the perfect foil to the candid, outspoken, and honest Grunthor.

    ◇ Mercedes

    A descendant of one of the defeated knights. She is a dwarf with a sturdiness and steadiness reminiscent of a puma. Mercedes has a huge appetite that she seems to eat everything in her path.

    ◇ Venus

    A spell caster for the opposite gender. With a skull for a head and eye sockets for a nose, Venus is a goddess of beauty. She also has a sharp wit.

    ◇ Solomon

    Solomon is the new paladin of the church. He is a gentleman who combines bold fighting skills with compassion. A high-class lady’s man, Solomon is capable of more than he initially realizes.

    ◇ Reyzel

    Reyzel is a mysterious man on a quest. He dons a special suit of armor and wields a sword. At a glance, Reyzel has an air of being hard-boiled. But his humorous personality and warm, caring heart are expressed through his actions.

    ◇ Zeth

    Zeth is an artist and instructor at the art school. As a son of one of the defeated knights, Zeth’s looks are highly ornate. His looks are also especially good for armor work.


    * Explore a vast world that is carefully


    What’s new:

    Hilde and the Black Flag

    This unique action RPG is a sequel based on the popular PC title.
    “Hilde and the Black Flag is a journey to the Greek Islands, but it’s one that changes your destiny.”


    A dungeon RPG not of its kind is in development for both the PS4 and PS Vita.
    “We hope you play this game and experience our creations.”

    Rocket Knights Accursed

    A super tactical RPG of the genre is being created.
    “Explore new game areas through great battles and experiments.”

    Rogue Asteroids

    A rogue-like action RPG is being developed for the PS Vita and PS4.
    “There are only a few survival action games that we wanted to create.”

    Tky Metal Gaiden

    A fantasy RPG with steampunk elements is being created.
    “It’s an engrossing RPG, influenced by traditional RPGs.”

    Dengeki Souchou no Magical Mirai

    A war-game action RPG, planned to release in the Summer of 2017, for the PS Vita with a different battle system that stresses the comradery of players.
    “We are developing a war-game action game that has an apparent charm,” the producer said.

    Angels Are Alluring This Charming Heartbeat

    This turn-based RPG, planned for release this Summer 2017, is a tactical simulation game using role-playing elements set in a magical landscape.

    Dark Souls III

    “I really think that the next goal should be ‘Shadows Die Twice.’ However, even though that is my selfish wish, I still have a higher expectation for developing the next.”

    PS Vita TV

    This miniturized edition of the console launched in February 2017, with a multitude of input methods to get around the limitations of the system.

    Music Fiction

    A one-off shooting game developed by ex-Mixx staff members is being created.

    Taiko Drum Master

    The first game in Band


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