Cat is a digitigrade, which means they stands or walks on its digits, or toes. So cat have noticeable 3 joints for the back legs whereas human(Plantigrade) solely have 2 joints. For the cat entrance legs, the metacarpals is comparatively too brief. So it’s noticeable 2 joints for the front legs. So the robot cat have 2 joints on the front legs and three joints on the back legs, i.e. 10 servos. (most different robot to buy online cats and dogs solely have 2 joints for the back legs)

Robotic Working System(ROS) is not a full fledged working system, it’s a “meta working system”. It is constructed on prime of a full operating system. It is called an OS because it also offers the providers you would anticipate from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level system control, implementation of generally-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. It is a collection of packages that may be installed on a full working system like Ubuntu.

roslaunch[76] is a tool used to launch a number of ROS nodes each domestically and remotely, in addition to setting parameters on the ROS parameter server. roslaunch configuration files, which are written utilizing XML can simply automate a posh startup and configuration process right into a single command. roslaunch scripts can embrace other roslaunch scripts, launch nodes on specific machines, and even restart processes which die throughout execution.