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Easy to organize and view note details from anywhere!
Scan, Edit, Search, Copy and Send
Manually Copy-Paste from the Web, SMS, Email, or any other Sources.
Export to PDF/Epub, XML/Epub, HTML, Notes (Markdown), Text, HTML5 Canvas.
Add Pictures from your Camera, Browser, or SDCard.
Quickly share your Note with others via E-mail, SMS, IM, Notes or Social Media.
Automatically Sync Notes to your Google/iCloud account.
Full of Advanced Features.
Full accessibility to your Notes means you are always on top of the latest happenings in your life.
No need to get caught up with boring PDF/Epub publishing
It’s not that Quick Notes doesn’t come with the power to edit, search and scan but that it has what you need, in one place, without having to look through dozens of other notes. What’s more, it is also a well-constructed program that lets users save their web pages, add notes of their choosing, as well as export to various formats so that they can be shared with others.
It also helps that Quick Notes looks gorgeous by design, with a highly legible interface that speaks to all kinds of users. What’s more, it includes functionality that lets you perform a quick look up to any of your notes and read them, right from the web.
A handy note-taking app
Depending on the type of notes you keep, Quick Notes can prove to be an extremely efficient and, at times, indispensable application. It is one of the only applications that are designed to store notes offline so you can always consult them wherever you go.
What’s more, it is well-equipped to edit, search and scan notes so that they can be retrieved and shared anywhere at any time. What’s more, not only are there features added to make it a one-stop solution for note management, there are also options to export the latest notes to a variety of formats.
Looking for an app to do away with post-its? Sure, there are plenty of ones available out there, but there is one that is quite different from the rest.
3Dnote is a well-crafted application that comes with functionality that allows users to create notes and decorate them with various images, shapes, fonts, inlays, backgrounds, stickers, custom colors and more.
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1.Smart Backup allows you to backup the files directly to your Micro SD card.
2.You can also backup your files to your Yahoo cloud with one click.
3.You can also backup to your PC with one click.
This is a handy method for backups that don’t require constant attention.
If you are looking for a good, little tool to help you exchange files easily and efficiently, then you should try the free program called AmigoEX.
AmigoEX is a highly portable and competent file transfer tool that allows users to send and receive files over network connections.
AmigoEX can also be used to transfer files across the Internet. One of the principal features of AmigoEX is the speed of transfer. You can transfer a file from one folder to another by simply dragging and dropping the file. You do not have to open them first. Files can be transferred from external media to your AmigoEX.
Advanced configuration options
AmigoEX is configurable and offers an extensive list of options to help you to perform all kinds of file transfers. You can use it to create and modify existing network shares, as well as to configure file operations, the standard directory window, transferring other files from your computer, and much more.
Installation and configuration wizard
AmigoEX does not require any installation. Only two files are required and they are placed in one directory in the hard drive. You have two options for installing the program. You can either download the program or move the files.
Operating system: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, ME
Installation type: Stand alone
1.Very easy to use.
2.Compact and portable.
4.After installation, you only need to copy files and images that can be sent to the AmigoEX.
5.A wizard to help you in the configuration of the program.
6.The program has a built-in support for.Net languages (C#, VB.Net).
1.You have to move to a folder to transfer files to and from AmigoEX.
2.The transferred files are cached.
3.I cannot send images from my computer.
4.After transfer of files and images are complete, you have to close AmigoEX.
5.There are no shell extensions in AmigoEX.
6.It is not as simple as Windows Explorer.

Smart Backup Crack + With Serial Key

“Smart Backup” is a simple and convenient backup utility that lets you easily back up your personal files.
It is very simple to use but also quite configurable. It works by copying files, but keeps a backup folder with the full file information and metadata.
A restoration feature allows you to restore single files or whole folders from a previously created backup in a very fast and easy way.
Smart Backup of your personal files
With Smart Backup you can backup the information about your files, which is not stored on your computer, but in a web-based database.
It will make a backup automatically of all your files, in a simple and elegant way. You can have multiple backup intervals, which allows you to keep a backup for a week or longer when needed.
It will back up a folder by copying it into the backup folder. It will also copy any file, regardless of its type. All the files are placed and stored in a separate backup folder.
This allows you to keep a backup automatically of all your personal files and to easily restore them. It does not include any unnecessary data or programs. All the files are compressed into a single archive file.
Multiple backups are available from within the application and you are prompted to choose the frequency of the backup.
Restoration of single files or whole folders from a backup
With the restore feature you can restore individual files or a whole folder from a previous backup. This feature is not limited in time.
You can find the files from the backup in an easy and time-saving way. You do not have to search for them manually.
All files are automatically restored and the restoration process is very fast.
■ Windows 95 or later
Autorun Manager is a small yet useful application that enables you to configure autostart programs for all Windows based computers.
It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand.
With Autorun Manager, you can easily manage all the autostart programs with a simple drag and drop system. You can add or remove autostart programs using it.
All you need is to drag and drop the needed program on the list, which will take the name from the file or folder where the program is.
One of the key features of Autorun Manager is that it stores autostart programs in a way that they can be recognized by Windows. If you move the needed program, it will be listed under the click button along with the program name. From

What’s New in the Smart Backup?

■ Gives your computer a name, if you wish to do so
■ Copies all of the details of the backup onto the clipboard, as well as copies the name of the backup
■ Provides functions to open a backup and to import the data to other computers
The Smart Backup console is where you can create your own backup, see the copy of it and manage your backups in detail.
Setting the backup name and description
A backup is something you use to recover the data on your computer. Once you have created your backup, you can either view it or open it if you wish to import the backup data to another computer.
One of the requirements of a good backup application is that you can easily name it if you want to distinguish it from others. The program provides this functionality by giving you the possibility to name a backup and to add a description if you wish to.
In addition, the program will also show you a copy of your backup as well as all the information on it. These two features are very useful if you want to recover specific files, or you wish to remember the date you created your backup.
The Backup app was designed to be a single executable program that would either start a backup or resume an incomplete one.
In this executable application you can change the name of the backup, the location where the backup should be saved, the duration of the backup, resume a backup or close it.
■ NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required
The Burn application was designed to make a backup of your registry and your files, and restore them.
The program will first protect your registry and then encrypt it before saving it to a file. The backup file is saved to the same location as the registry, so that it can be easily imported into another computer.
In addition, Burn has the ability to encrypt the file, which means that if you lose access to the registry backup, you will still be able to access your encrypted files.
The Burn backup application supports 3 states, which are:
■ Warning
■ Encryption
■ Restoration.
The warning state is used when a backup is created, but it has not been moved to a location to be stored. At this time, the backup is displayed in the Backup window, but no location is specified.
In the encryption state, the backup is displayed in the Backup window and its location is specified by you. Then, you can decide to

System Requirements For Smart Backup:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250 1GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.0GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470