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The problem is the black lines. A: I had a similar issue with an LG Monitor: a dark band with the same width and color as the screen. I could solve it by taking a zip from Github with the same resolution, but another format (I found it in the following way): install Linux and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) open the File Manager, choose root (if it’s not present, you can create it by opening terminal and typing sudo -i) from the menu File – Connect to Server… choose FTP Server there will be an existing directory ftp_old the file to transfer to ftp_old is the same as to your current directory, but with extension and not (click Other, then to…zip) once ftp_old is added, right click it and choose open with Archive Manager it should give you some help about how to set the archive to be downloaded ( instead A: The black lines are most likely due to an unintentional change in color mode while the image was being printed. Either wait for the image to finish printing before trying to download it or if the print job has already finished, disconnect the printer and select the “Print” setting instead of the “Save” setting. Before the presidential election of 2000, voters in 44 states could have their votes counted, and the presidential candidates were fairly evenly matched. The candidate with the most electoral votes would become the president. As it turned out, Al Gore won the popular vote by about half a million votes, but George W. Bush became president because he won the electoral votes. Another example: Donald Trump won a majority of votes in Wisconsin, but Hillary Clinton won a majority of the electoral votes. There were 38 states in the election, and Hillary Clinton had more than 2.9 million more votes than Donald Trump, but Clinton only won the popular vote by 306,000 votes. And, in the state of Wisconsin alone, there were 1.2 million more votes cast for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. Donald Trump won with a popular vote margin of only about 1.4%. Now, 13 states that voted for Hillary Clinton will use the same system in their 2020 elections. So the loser of the presidential election will have no more impact than the winner did in 2000 6d1f23a050