Is your computer’s case hidden away and you can’t see its drive led? Is your laptop missing a drive led? Would you like to be able to monitor the disk activity on some of the computers on your network? Do you have SATA drives and would like to be able to monitor them? Then SoftLeds application is exactly the tool you’re looking for. SoftLeds can monitor the activity of any number of disks on your machine and machines on your network. It does so by displaying icons on your tray area, each one representing a disk being monitored. Each icon displays the drive letter and two leds: ■ The green led is used to display any activity where the operating system reads from the drive ■ And the red led is used to display when the operating system is writing to the drive ■ Icons with a small yellow dot on the top/left corner of the drive letter indicate drives that are located on a remote machine Limitations: ■ 1 drive monitoring ■ network disks cannot be selected ■ nag screen







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■ View the status of your drives using a tray icon ■ Each icon represents a physical disk ■ When in use the green and red leds on the icon indicate what’s happening with the disk. ■ By changing the disk drives SoftLeds can be configured and used on any number of computers or computers on a network ■ It’s very low-cost, easily fits in any dimension and has a small power consumption There is no other program which offers these features and options. SoftLeds can directly monitor the activity of any number of disks on any number of computers or networks. 1.1.2 2.2 License This is a proprietary software, you can’t redistribute it. 2.3 Please send us an email if you would like a license. 2.4 Thanks! 3.1 If you want, you can setup an account and download samples. Your account will include access to any beta updates and support. 3.2 You can download a free 6-hour trial before you purchase. 3.3 Once you have purchased the software you need to contact us at to order a license. 4.1 Be sure to uninstall the trial version and the previous version. 4.2 In order to use SoftLeds on a server, you’ll need to buy a license for the server, too. 4.3 All of our customers agree that you’re happy with your purchase. 5.1 The installer includes Full, Quick and Lite installers. 5.2 The Default option is Full Installation. Full installation will remove all system programs. 5.3 If you choose Quick Installation, it will only remove the SoftLeds program. 5.4 Lite installation will only remove SoftLeds. 6.1 Read the readme file inside of the program folder. 6.2 When installing SoftLeds, you’re asked to install the program in a separate folder. For this reason, make sure to move the program folder to a safe location. 7.1 If you ever decide to remove the program from your computer, just uninstall the program from the Program Files folder. 7.

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Main Features: ・The amount of time that each led remains lit is proportional to the number of disk accesses for the last 5 minutes ・The options are recorded by the running process and reloaded automatically when the program is running (after a restart or power off) ・And you can change the delay from 1 hour to 24 hours and disable the auto reloading process if you want ・You can also choose what drives are to be monitored, so you can monitor only specific disks that are located on a remote machine Special Features: ・Network ・User Definable Options ・User Definable Delay ・User Definable Memory (Defined by RAM) ・Display User Definable Activity (Defined by CPU usage) SoftLeds Crack For Windows setup and usage instructions: 1) To be able to monitor the disks, you need to: -have a network -have a computer with at least 2 free disks (2 SATA disks) -have SoftLeds Product Key installed on the computer with the disks 2) On the computer with the disks, you need to run the following commands: -Start the SoftLeds Activation Code Setup -Enter the IP of the computer with the disks -enter the SoftLeds Serial Key user name -enter the password for that user -If you have selected one of the pre-installed local drives that SoftLeds provides, enter the drive letter (e.g. C:) -If you need to enter a remote drive, enter the name of the drive. Note that the drive letter must be prepended with the remote machine name. For example, if you want to monitor a remote machine and it’s drive C: -If you need to enter a drive that is not defined by SoftLeds, you need to choose a drive on the remote machine and enter its name. E.g. you can choose: – Drive C: – drive D: – drive F: 3) For more information, you can view the SoftLeds wiki page. 4) Once you have configured your disks, run the SoftLeds program. You can check the status of the monitoring by opening the Tray menu item and checking the green and red leds. Please note that each disk monitored uses a certain amount of memory, this memory is controlled by the softleds configuration. To change the amount of memory use at any given time you can go to the tray menu item and choose the Configuration sub-menu Please 7ef3115324


Software system for detecting your disk activity, displaying icons for your disks and selecting which to monitor and which to ignore. The software works by replacing the system clock on the computer, so your computer must be rebooted and the update installed. SoftLeds is a Free and open source alternative to Service Monitor. In the next couple of hours, updates will be released for the following versions: 0.9.2 Beta is out and it’s all very good! Bug fixes include: An update to the resume icon displaying how long the last suspend took to take effect An update to the icon layouts in the preferences to have a more visible and transparent status bar Various other bug fixes 0.9 Beta is now available! We should also be very good on 0.8.5 for any bugs in that version (and bugs will be dealt with). This will follow soon. This has

What’s New In SoftLeds?

■ The most simple way to monitor all your disks and see how they’re doing. ■ Supports Windows XP/2003/7/Vista/7/8 (most of them). ■ It is a light application with no intrusive data. ■ If your computer is connected to a local network, it will monitor disks on other machines as well. ■ The application captures information about the activity: ■ numbers of read and write operations ■ the total number of events ■ the duration of each operation. ■ It is a multi-thread application. ■ It runs using the GPU (if available), otherwise it runs in the CPU thread. ■ The application allows you to filter activity by drives or events. SoftLeds Features: ■ Filter drives or events, ■ Show drive activity by using a scroll list. ■ Select your favorite events or drives. ■ See event durations. ■ See event timestamps and how often the events are happening. ■ See a real time thumbnail for each drive. ■ See disk capacity. ■ Easy to understand event filtering by simply clicking. ■ Ability to search for drives and events on the fly. ■ Ability to copy and paste the name of the drives you monitor. ■ Support for Windows XP/2003/7/Vista/7/8 (most of them). It is a light application with no intrusive data. If your computer is connected to a local network, it will monitor disks on other machines as well. It is not a USB/FireWire drive mapper. It does not load the drives data itself. It does not modify your NTFS files. It has no permanent installed files. Installation: ■ Unzip file into the ‘Program Files/SoftLeds’ directory. ■ Start the SoftLeds.exe program from the Start Menu. ■ You need administrator rights to install it. ■ Due to Windows Vista NTFS properties the program cannot be installed in the ‘Program Files’ folder if it is a 32-bit.exe file. ■ On W7/Vista, 32-bit applications are installed in the Program Files directory. ■

System Requirements For SoftLeds:

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10. Mac OS 10.11 / Mac OS 10.12 (Catalina). Intel or AMD processor. 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended) 25 GB of free space 512 MB of GPU RAM. Standalone client available Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD R9 390 Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) Processor: Intel Core i3-7100 RAM: 8GB DDR4