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Migrating from NodeJS0.10 to NodeJS0.12

I am newbie to NodeJS and also new to deploying application on production. I have developed a nodejs application and I have hosted application using node 0.10.. now I am planning to migrate application to node 0.12 as well as deploying application on Amazon EC2
I am unable to find good documentation of NodeJS and deploying application to EC2
Any suggestion or help would be of great help


I also have done same thing, i want to migrate to NodeJS 0.12. But there is so much to do for migrating.
You need to update all version.

a. remove all node-* and npm packages before 0.12
b. Using the n module or bootstrap before
0.12, you need to use n or bootstrap with npm


Dynamics CRM 2011: Attach extension to item

I have a custom Entity called RestrictedUser, and it is unique. It is created based on the user’s role. The RestrictedUser entity has a field of type “@odata.type”. I have added this as an item in a List, and I can get a list of the items. I want to attach an extension, when using the REST service, to the extension collection of this list.
I know I can attach an extension to a specific record, by using the url…
However, I want to attach it to all records in the List and not just one specific record. So the solution, I think, is to use the item id.
I have tried creating a Form which has one field, and that has a GUID. I have tried using it for storing the list id, however, the guid is not properly created. It looks like a random hex number but if I use it for a lookup, it is not found.
Does anyone have a solution for this?


There is a function to get the item ID of an entity. It returns a JSON string as a string. So, my problem was that I did not parse this string.


How do I save a model for new node with PHP variable?

I am creating a Node generated by a PHP variable, and

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Encore! Tout de suite!

Encore! Tout de suite! is a compilation album, released in 1996.

Track listing
“Papaoutai”, “Je ne t’aime plus” and “Tu es sérieusement grosse!” by Françoise Hardy
“Les 3 sous dans le canif”
“J’aime beaucoup mon frère en bonne santé”
“Tremblez pas, tout va bien se passer” by Les Kim
“Le Retour du géant”
“À ne plus m’oublier” by the KAT-TUN
“Tout sur moi” by the Des 3 “Les frusques”
“On revient toujours au même endroit (Je m’en fous)” by Julie Zenatti
“Où est-il passé ton frère?” by the Boïen Boys
“Bienvenue dans ma cour” by Kyo
“Joyeux bûcheron” by Al Jarreau
“Le festin de l’orchidée (sans odeur)”
“Tu ne t’excuseras jamais de rien” by Dalida
“Ça va être l’été blanc” by the Eléonore Sisters
“Mon rêve ne vient jamais” by Jörg Dräger
“Pauvre petit héros” by Mireille Mathieu
“Je ne suis pas un enfant de