A: First off, you don’t need to download and use the FFMPEG program to convert a.mkv file to an.mp4 file, you can just copy the file to your Mac’s hard drive and open it in Finder, and then go to File > Change File Type…. Then pick the.mkv file and drag it to the “convert to” window In the lower left hand corner of the first window, you will see “Convert” and “Copy Always”. Choose “Convert” instead of “Copy Always”. It is explained at this video tutorial as well: After conversion, you need to remove the.mkv extension and replace it with.mp4. Finally, you will need to change the file name extension to.mp4, or else, it may not appear in the file list. Hope that helps. 🙂 Stephen Jackson: Injured Bulls forward could miss the rest of the regular season Posted by Inside Hoops Jun 24 After coming off a nine-game stint as an NBA inactive last season, forward Stephen Jackson could miss the rest of the regular season because of the injury he suffered to his left thumb during the second half of the Bulls’ 104-89 victory over the Spurs. Jackson had his left thumb taped after the game and was slated to undergo an MRI on Wednesday morning. “I know my body pretty well now, and I know what I can and can’t do,” Jackson said. “I feel like that’s my best option right now.” Bulls coach Scott Brooks said he will need to assess Jackson, who started this game, for the rest of the season once the team returns to Chicago. Jackson has been a key contributor for the Bulls during the preseason, averaging 15 points and six rebounds. “We’ll just have to see how he comes back,” Brooks said. “We’ve been planning on him coming back on the court this year, just not right away, obviously. We’ll have to wait and see how he comes back.” Jackson was a key contributor for the Bulls last season, averaging 13.4 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.0 assists in 28

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taylor.swift.the.1989.world.tour.2015.1080p.bluray.x265.hevc.mkv 10_13_2015.min df73cde8e4b80a06481f1b4cf19a00d8 Help! A: You need to remove the.min from the end of the file. It is not a file extension but the name of the information in the file; you can see this in the output in the Terminal. On the OSX Finder, when you have the file on your screen you can select the tab that says “Info”; on the tab that says “Name”; you will see a lot of information. Arizona State University is in the midst of one of its biggest crises in recent history, and University President Michael Crow’s response has been muddled at best. In an open letter to the community released Tuesday, the university revealed that it had reached a “tipping point” and that, as a result, the university faced a $35 million budget deficit. As an organization that was once plagued by financial difficulties and which recorded a $230 million operating deficit last year, ASU’s statement about the deficit should have been something the community was prepared for — if not on the exact timing of the announcement. But while Crow does state that “many of our most difficult challenges are outside our control,” the letter implies that the university made some strategic decision to go public with the numbers. He also wrote that the university will no longer be discussing financial information in a public forum. And to many ASU students and parents — about whom the open letter seems mostly concerned — it has also been a bit maddening to find out that the letter was written before they knew their budgets for next year. According to an official budget plan from September, non-instructional students will see a $10 decrease from the current budget. “At ASU, we are committed to transparency and accountability,” Crow wrote in the letter. “In light of the current budget challenges confronting Arizona State University, we plan to focus for now on what we can do for our students.” Yet, despite the announcement being made so late, a consistent and accountable way to address these issues would have been to communicate with students and parents months before it occurred. Taking