TimeZonesView 5.0.0270.0 Crack + (Final 2022)

• 5.0 MB (Unzipped)
• Offline support
• Lets you see the time in the desired location in a list, list of tables or HTML reports
• Automatic timezone detection
• Timezone selection menu

What’s New in this Version:
• Now you can import even more timezones than before (Including the African Timezone)
• Timezone selection menu has been moved to the right of the timezone drop down menu.


Now Updated:
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TimeZonesView 5.0.0270.0 Crack With License Code (Latest)

An application that shows the date and time in different areas of the globe.
* The refresh function can be activated manually
* The program is portable. You can extract and decompress it anywhere you want.
* The reports of the current times in the program are made available in HTML format for each entry or for all of them.
* Data from the program can be exported for sending it as an email.
* The program provides current dates in the context of the Standard Time from different countries.
* The application is free to try for 30 days.

108 EUR

TimeZonesView Key Features:
Free to try for 30 days
The program can be used on all Windows platforms
Portable. You can extract and decompress it anywhere you want
Reports of the current time displayed in HTML format for each entry or all entries
The program provides the daylight saving time information for countries that follow the standard
Numerous times zones displayed on the interface
The application allows the user to change the date and time
Additional options allow you to change the unit of measurement for the time displayed in the interface.
The application allows you to activate the update checks manually.

108 EUR

TimeZonesView Description:
Get the current time for the regions of the world in various types of formats.
Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the program is suitable for everyone.
Regardless of the region you want to check, you can use the TimeZonesView and get the time from there.
The application includes details of the start and end dates of the daylight saving time for the regions which implement this measure.
In order to use TimeZonesView, all you need to do is to unzip the file and choose to start it.
The program is lightweight.
Thanks to the functions provided by the application, you can easily monitor your everyday requirements or create reports for showing the time for specific time zones.
The TimeZonesView 2.00 program is the perfect choice for you to know what time is it in a number of zones all over the world.
You will be happy to learn that this application is portable and can be run on any Windows platform.
The program allows you to extract and decompress it to any desired location, without the need to install it.
Upon launching the program, you will see the time for all the areas of the world that are connected to the GMT.
TimeZonesView is a free application.

108 EUR

TimeZonesView 5.0.0270.0 PC/Windows

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What’s New In TimeZonesView?

The interface is designed as a list that includes the essential data, namely the time zone, description, registry name, time as well as the DSL start and end time.
The application has the refresh function enabled by default, so the times and date displayed in the UI are accurate.
You will be happy to learn that the application has the refresh function enabled by default, so the times and date displayed in the UI are accurate. However, you can also activate it manually from the context menu or by hitting the F5 key.
Includes the daylight saving start and end time
Considering that 40% of the countries worldwide use the seasonal time change measure, it means their region times is also changed two times per year.

TripHole is a lightweight portable application that can help you learn the city, country, state or other place where you plan to visit. You can view all possible destinations directly from the system tray.
TripHole description:
A small utility that can help you learn the city, country, state or other place where you plan to visit.
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TripHole on Portable Apps
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System Requirements For TimeZonesView:

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