We all know what it means to lose important data from the computer without having the possibility to recover those precious files. Problems are bound to appear even if you use a good antivirus tool that can keep you away from malware, and the best thing that you can do to secure your files is to create backups. This is why TotalRecovery Pro comes in handy for all users who want to ensure their systems are safe and can be recovered whenever they need them. While other programs use a lot of memory from your computer to create backups by saving all the files into a secure location, TotalRecovery Pro comes with a smart solution for dealing with such a problem. It integrates an advanced backup technology that saves only the changes to your files and not the entire documents. The user interface is intuitive and all its features are neatly organized in the main window. Beginners can easily navigate throughout the app thanks to its clean layout, and in case you don’t get an idea of how this program works, a help menu is available. TotalRecovery Pro allows you to either backup the entire hard drive or selected documents from the computer. This application comes packed with many useful tools that can help you perform several actions, such as cloning a hard disk or partition, and creating a recovery CD/DVD or an image file with all the important data. Another key feature of this program is its ability to schedule backups. You can select when the program should start saving the items in the output destination (daily, weekly, monthly or one-time-only backups). In conclusion, TotalRecovery Pro is a professional tool that can help you create backups quickly and efficiently.







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TotalRecovery Professional is an effective disk imaging and data recovery tool for users who want to back up and secure personal and business important data. Using this application, you can effectively clone a disk, copy the partition of a disk, encrypt all the partitions, compress a file or a whole disk, create an ISO file or CD/DVD image, and restore data from any image, disk or CD/DVD image. TotalRecovery Professional is a fast and very easy-to-use data recovery software that creates multi-media based data recovery solution including DVD, CD, Image backup, partition and disk cloning, restore partition, disk, image files, file recovery and image backup utility. This program allows you to quickly and easily backup an entire disk, partitions, or a specific file or folder on your disk. The backup uses the internal mechanism and it can be saved in ISO file format or to a CD/DVD. This program also allows you to archive files or folders to restore them at any time. Unlike other backup software, the TotalRecovery Professional offers an easy-to-use user interface that allows the users to control the entire backup process. This program also provides a wide range of features that can save files, delete files, compress files, encrypt files, shred files, and many other features. It also allows you to select a specific file in an archive and restore that file, which means that you can completely wipe the disk and recover data at any time. Your data is highly secure with this file recovery software because you can automatically restore images, partitions, disks, files, folders, and even entire disk to any media, such as a CD, DVD or ISO file. In addition, this program provides you with a lot of features to encrypt, compress, shred, split, copy and restore files at any time. You can completely image a disk, partition, partition, or folder without interfering with the existing partitions. Even image any disk, partition, or folder on the device. It can also create a backup of a whole disk or partition without taking up the space. This program is the best data recovery solution for you, regardless of the data recovery situation. You are sure to find the solution for all your data recovery needs. * Data recovery from partition, image, ISO file, CD/DVD, hard drive, flash drive, or SD card. * Protects your valuable data using an encryption engine. * Allows you to convert a file to another file type and vice versa. * Provides

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TotalRecovery Pro is a highly advanced data recovery software created to save you from data loss. Nowadays it is important to back up your important data regularly for a maximum insurance when something goes wrong. The average user doesn’t have time to learn new procedures, so TotalRecovery Pro uses a smart data backup engine that creates snapshots of your most important files and saves only the changes. TotalRecovery Pro includes all possible tools to help you quickly and efficiently recover your important files. You can restore to previous versions, copy important files, undelete your documents, change your password, and fix disk permissions in a few clicks of a mouse. If you need to create backups and backups will be performed automatically, you have two options to choose from. You can select how often to perform backups and what files should be copied to an output destination. Additionally, TotalRecovery Pro includes a scheduler that allows you to schedule and execute these backups. If you’re using an integrated backup solution for your computer, you can use TotalRecovery Pro for doing a file system/hard disk clone. What’s new in the new version of TotalRecovery Pro: -New settings, task, process and file timers -New integrated backup solution for Windows -Added several new key words in protected dialogs -Fixed some key words -New features added: -Automatic backups -Backup all free space -Added Restore to previous version -Backup to an FTP server -Backup to ZIP archive -Compatibility with XP and Vista systems -Many improvements in the user interface -Ability to mount and unmount the drive -Added possibility to change a drive label -Copy protected document password changed -Deleted folder with Recycle bin now deleted -Other fixes and improvements -Small changes: -Improvements in the user interface: -Change of default colors of buttons -Ability to zoom the window -Added a help button -Updated the help file -Themes support added -Added a filter button to clean the list of files -Ability to move selected file from one location to another -New settings window -Added checkboxes to show the option to replace a subfolders on the fly when restoring -Ability to use file of another type in the mounted disk -Added an option to disable the automatic date of the backup -Added an option to restore to the same folder where the files

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Ultimate Backup has been developed to be the ultimate backup solution for Windows. It is able to create customized backup solutions for the needs of the most demanding users. Ultimate Backup is a powerful yet easy to use backup solution that gives you total control over your backups. It provides flexible options for creating backups as well as allowing you to schedule them automatically. Save time and money by offloading all your backup needs to Ultimate Backup. Unique Features: 1.Deterministic backup. The computer’s hard drive backup consists of only the newly added and changed files and does not need to include files that were on it before. 2. Full backup. A complete copy of the hard drive (either your desktop or an external hard drive) is created from a DVD, zip, ISO, or another live medium. 3. Zip compression. Zip files are commonly used to compress large amounts of files that are sent over the Internet. 4. Advanced scheduling. The number of backups to be scheduled automatically is based on many factors. 5. Change notifications. Changes are made automatically to previous backups so that you can always find the most recent backup. 6. Highest possible performance. A powerful and high-performance Windows service is used to perform the backups. Our compatibility guarantee Ultimate Backup is compatible with all Windows operating systems and can be installed and used on all Windows based computers. This complete backup solution will provide your computer a complete backup of all programs and data regardless of the version of your operating system. Ultimate Backup will provide you with a backup that is different from what you may have experienced in the past. Use Ultimate Backup to backup all your personal data including documents, photos, music, movies and more. Having a backup copy will prevent the loss of important files and documents when the hard drive breaks, starts misbehaving or crashes. You can also use Ultimate Backup to back up multiple computers at once. You can get the most out of your backup with advanced features such as zip compression, batch file creation, scheduling and notifications. Ultimate Backup is a true backup solution with no viruses or security risks. So go ahead and install it today and enjoy all the benefits of the best backup software around. Ultimate Backup has been developed to be the ultimate backup solution for Windows. It is able to create customized backup solutions for the needs of the most demanding users. Ultimate Backup is a powerful yet easy to use backup solution that gives you total control over your backups. It provides flexible options for creating backups as well as allowing you to schedule them


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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 10 (64-bit) CPU: Intel i5 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD equivalent RAM: 6 GB Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD equivalent DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 80 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card Additional Notes: Play on the Original Xbox hardware Controller Requirements: Xbox 360 Wired Controller (not wireless)