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Unit Convertor Crack+ Free X64 (Latest)

Unit Convertor Crack Mac, a simple unit converter application allows you to quickly convert, among other things, length, time, weight, temperature, and other values in some units. The program can be used in conjunction with the Windows Calculator or other applications that present numbers in units other than those preferred by Unit Converter.

Unit Converter includes a series of tools that can be used for many purposes:

If you type in a number in the desired unit of measure in the entry field, the window will show values converted to that unit.
If you type in a number with an ampersand in it, eg. 2/3, it will be displayed as 2.333.
If you drag the text to the number display field, it will be displayed in there.
If you select a text in the entry field and click the button Convert Selected to Units, the values will be selected and immediately displayed in the target field. If no number is selected, they will be selected and displayed in the target field. If all text in the entry field is selected, they will be selected and displayed.
It allows you to convert meters, millimeters, etc., by typing in the value to convert, then clicking on one of the conversion tools: use the scrollbar to select the units you want to convert to, or select the desired units using the drop-down lists.
It allows you to convert values in several ways. For example, if you select the metric units, the options for length, time, temperature, and weight are opened. You can choose your units in those fields, and easily convert those values using the appropriate tool.
You can set up several windows where you can keep them separated by tabs, and use them as shown in the screenshots below:

WinConv 2.0 is an open-source and cross-platform unit converter. This program allows you to convert values like Length, Volume, Time, Temperature, Area, Mass and Pressure in multiple units and display them in the user-defined or fixed unit.

WinConv is a simple and easy to use converter. The program has a very simple and intuitive interface, where you can convert values in Length, Volume, Time, Temperature, Area, Mass and Pressure in an accurate and visual way.

It offers support for multiple unit types such as: Pounds, Kilograms, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Meters, Miles, Meters, Miles, Deciameters, Deciameters,

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Unit Convertor

Converts units between:
Color saturation
T-shirt size
Shoe size

Some reviews for this application
Arakan 3.8.1| Microsoft Windows 10 Consumer Preview (Unreviewed)
Application Details
OS: Windows 10
Source: Directdownload
Link: Download
License: Free
System: Microsoft Windows
Preferred language: English (United Kingdom)
The application is currently only available for Microsoft Windows, so if you have a Mac or Linux computer, don’t bother.
The application is updated by the developer every two weeks, but we haven’t noticed any new update for quite a long time.
The application doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s quite simple and useful if you need to convert units between multiple fields.
It has only five different sections which makes it simple to use. It has many tools that can easily be used for conversion.

It doesn’t have an auto update feature. This is a pity as it doesn’t have a lot of other features and we would have liked it to include them.
Unit Convertor is quite a simple application that can convert units between different fields. It doesn’t have any options on the toolbars that you can make, but it has a very simple and simple user interface that allows you to make every change you need in the units you want to convert.


Unit Converter is a very simple and easy to use application for converting units. It is an application that can easily be used on any Windows operating system. It allows you to convert units between length, time, weight, temperature, kilobytes, megabits, gigabits, color, color saturation, byte, t-shirt size, shoe size and size of things in a kitchen.


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What’s New In Unit Convertor?

You can easily convert lengths, weight, time, temperature and bytes using Unit Convertor.

For Lengths

– Lengths from centimeters to kilometers.
– Decimals are shown in pixels, decibels, centimeters, millimeters and micrometers.
– You can convert between values displayed in this format.

For Weight

– You can convert weight into cars, gram, kilogram, milligram, microgram or milli ounce.
– Decimals are shown in carat, gram, kilogram, milligram, microgram and milli ounce.

For Temperature

– Temperature can be converted into Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine.
– Decimals are shown in temperature unit.

For Time

– Time can be converted into day, hour, micro second, minutes, milli seconds, weeks and years.
– Decimals are shown in days, hours, micro seconds, minutes, milli seconds, weeks and years.

For Bytes

– You can convert bytes into bits, kilo bits, mega bits or giga bytes.
– Decimals are shown in kilo bits, mega bits or giga bytes.

With the move to Apple’s Mac OS X we have seen many a new application made using Apple’s Cocoa development framework. If you’ve got a knack for programming, maybe it’s the kind of thing you’d like to dabble in. If not, maybe it’s still as alien as some of us remember – a sort of black art that only the most devoted Mac aficionados can comprehend. If you’d like to write some new software, the following Cocoa framework tutorial, from will give you a good introduction to the complexities of this style of application development.

In this article I’ll show you a good way to write an Objective-C application using a framework. The most popular framework is the UIKit framework. UIKit was introduced to iPhone 2.0 users with the release of the iPhone SDK. UIKit is the basic framework to create applications for the iPhone OS. It’s used to display basic controls such as buttons and labels.

Cocoa is built on top of this framework and it does things like provide a graphic library to simplify UI development.

Before we get into what to write about in this tutorial, let

System Requirements For Unit Convertor:

Windows XP or higher.
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
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