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Please help to solve this problem. Thanks A: I received the same error message as you. To resolve it I tried connecting to the EBCD via the VAGCOM cable and using the following executable. The error did not stop until the.exe reached the end of execution, but it did eventually stop and the car started up. For further information the link from the last post is here: The invention relates to a tape cartridge housing having a cartridge sleeve, a rotatably supported cartridge housing and a pinch roller that is mounted so that it can pivot, mounted on the cartridge housing and is rotatably driven in its longitudinal direction by a gear that is arranged coaxially with respect to the cartridge housing and is mounted on the cartridge sleeve. The basic structure of tape cartridge housings of this kind is disclosed by U.S. Pat. No. 5,758,869. In the case of that structure, the gear for the driving of the pinch roller is mounted on the top rim of the cartridge housing. Through the gearing on the top rim, a pinion gear is, for example, of the type that is shown in U.S. Pat. No. 4,454,728, interacts with a gearing on the opposite side. On the other hand, U.S. Pat. No. 4,454,728 likewise discloses the location of the gearing on the top rim. The gearing for the driving of the pinch roller is mounted on the top rim. For the pins that are necessary for mounting the cartridge housing on the magazine, the top rim is provided with holes. These holes are covered by a corresponding locking plate. A disadvantage of this arrangement is that the cartridge housing is sensitive to catching by a magazine rack, since the top rim of the housing, on which the pinion gear is arranged, rests directly against the end stops of the magazine rack. This can lead to the pinion gear becoming bent when it is in contact with the end stop. The type of gear mentioned, in which a pinion gear is mounted on the top rim of the housing, furthermore suffers from the disadvantage that the pinion gear becomes eccentric if the housing is not perfectly cylindrical. The goal of the invention is to provide a tape cartridge housing of the type mentioned at 6d1f23a050