Log files are documents that store information about occurring events. Most applications, especially those related to the system management, but also the Windows operating system, create such files to record their activity. While experts can read logging data without assistance, developers have created applications to help less tech-savvy users analyze the recorded information easier. One of them is Vov Log Analyzer.
Simplistic look and minimal functionality
This particular application enables you to open log files on your computer, even if they include hundreds of entries. In other words, it is capable of reading large log files, which is one of its pluses.
Usage is very simple, as all the options are intuitively placed in a one-window interface, with no extra menus to deal with. In fact, there is nothing more than two buttons within the main window: one to open the source file and the other to perform a search.
Enter the desired keyword to look for
Once you open the source file, you will notice that its complete path is displayed, which means the file is read by the application and ready to be processed.
Right below the browsing button, there is a text field where you can enter the keyword you want to look for within the log file. You just have to type in the desired text and press the "Search" button to begin. Vov Log Analyzer displays all the rows in the log file that contains the entered string.
Straightforward tool for searching within log files
Designed to be simple, Vov Log Analyzer does not bring to the table any novelties. On the contrary, it is merely a tool to perform a search in a log or a text file. To continue the list of drawbacks, it lacks support for regular expressions and does not display any statistical information about the source file. Although responsive and easy to use, additional improvements are needed for this application to be noticeable.







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★ Secure & silent search in logs!
★★ Print, copy, export, compare and log every single line in logs!
★ Sophisticated log parser that allows you to copy any text from the log!
★★ Read & display the number of lines in a log, to quickly detect overloaded servers!
★ High accuracy, reliability & speed!
★★ Automatic mode, silent mode or human controlled mode; 1-click mode!
★★ One click export to CSV, print, compare, archive and save offline!
Simple, easy to use with lots of features
Often, developers want to create a tool that can be used by someone who has little technical knowledge, especially when such a task requires Linux knowledge.
This application is designed to enable people to perform simple searches within log files, with an intuitive interface, quick operation and no need for technical knowledge. The fact that the application is able to read logs including hundreds of entries is just a particularity, with no added value.
The application is simple and easy to use. Each time you open the tool, you can type in the keyword you want to search, click to open a log file or a text file. If the text is found, an appropriate pop-up box with the relevant data is displayed. If the text is not found, the text window below displays the list of keywords you can try to look for.
To avoid having to scroll through the list, you can easily copy the highlighted text and paste it into a file or another window.
When the user is satisfied with the search result, there is a menu with the options to print the page, export to CSV file, compare logs between files or log files between different times, look for lines in a file in the log folder and compare log files between different times.
The only thing users have to do to use this tool is to find the specific command within the file menu. For example, if one wants to compare logs between different times, the user has to select the “Compare” option and select a log file.
The tool is highly accurate. It is able to detect the most similar keywords within a file or text file and display the line number where the text is stored. This makes the user aware of the location of the matching text within the log file.
The application is fast and silent.
The tool is absolutely silent, as it does not make any noise, and only displays the number of entries in the log or the number of lines in the source log file.

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Description: Vov Log Analyzer is a freeware application that can process large log files containing a huge amount of rows. It allows you to search for any…

If you are a developer or designer, Vitek Multimedia has developed Vitek CDN Analytics free log file viewer and analyzer for Windows. You can sort and search through log files on the computer hard drive to locate any errors, or to search by any user/system/server name or extension identifier.
Vitek CDN Analytics, uses a variety of sophisticated algorithms to reduce human intervention to the extent possible. It eliminates user reading and sorting of large volumes of log files and extracts every aspect of data such as the beginning and ending times, files accessed, more, and the most important data which is the CDN names and paths, monitors your CDN performance and provides you with the result in a visual and in depth manner.
Search file by user Name/IP/IPv4/IPv6/FQDN/Path/Extension ID/Date/Time
Enter Name/IP address/or any part of a File/Path for Searching
Search by default display: List+Details+Chart+Graph
You can change to list only:
Search by User Name/IP/IPv4/IPv6/FQDN/Path/Extension ID/Date/Time
Search By User:You can view only the logs by user
Search by IP Address:You can view only the logs by IP address
Search By User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID:You can view only the logs by extension ID
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/Day:You can view only the logs by day
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/Month:You can view only the logs by month
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/Year:You can view only the logs by year
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/GMT:You can view only the logs by GMT
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/GMT/Server:You can view only the logs by GMT and Server name
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/GMT/Client:You can view only the logs by GMT and Client name
Search by User/IP/FQDN/Extension ID/GMT

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* Show more information for the selected row.
* More buttons at the bottom of the main window.
* Enhanced the “Search” dialog.
* Make small improvements on “Open log” dialog.
* Error if any error occurs when opening log files.
* Incorporate “reading of file” time and error shown.
* Clear all Search Boxes to restart the search from the beginning.
* Show entire log file path while opening file.
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
“Log Analyzer uses the same user experience design as the Finder. But instead of seeing a file, you see a list of lines and the text view is replaced with a graph. It’s really easy to navigate.”
“The program is highly intuitive. You can search for a particular log file, and it shows the exact line that contained the keyword. If you want to, you can even open the file to see the log. The program also works great in case you want to search for many keywords. If you put one in the text box, it will show you a list of all the occurrences of that word, and it’s easy to search for multiple words at once.”
“Log Analyzer is a very good program if you want to search through your logs, and find a particular string that you’re looking for. ”
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Show first and last N lines of text file.
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Show N filters for searching
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* Revised for Mavericks from developer.
* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.
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* New to latest beta for Mavericks from developer.

What’s New in the Vov Log Analyzer?

The developer provides a download for free in a Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS 10.7+ compatible format. You need to have at least 1 GB of RAM, minimum 2GB of RAM for 64-bit applications, 3GB of RAM for 32-bit applications. It supports all Windows versions up to Windows 7, but the components used in the analyzer are not up to date with the latest releases and are out of date with the base version.
The source file must be located in a specific folder on your computer.
Easy to use with a simple interface
If you need to analyze a log file, this application is a no-brainer. You just need to open it, enter the text you need to find and press the search button. Simple as that, the displayed search result appears.
You can find a simple tutorial to learn how to use this application in its official website.

11. Paltry PVS Log Analyzer

Paltry PVS Log Analyzer is one of the top free tools for searching for software bugs.
Ready to scan your code
If you are willing to examine a piece of software, the best tool for the job is Paltry PVS Log Analyzer. Once it has been downloaded and installed, it scans the text in a log file, finds any possible errors and displays them in a list.
When you are in search mode, the tool will scan your project code and look for coding errors. It displays the lines of code it finds by coloring them red.
Good-looking and easy-to-use interface
As mentioned earlier, Paltry PVS Log Analyzer is specially designed to scan your log file. In addition, it works well with code. When you open the project in the application, it generates a code listing that is visible on the left-hand side of the window. Any possible errors are displayed on the right-hand side of the window and are automatically highlighted for easier viewing.
Supported file formats
Paltry PVS Log Analyzer is compatible with multiple operating systems, i.e., Linux, Mac, Windows. You can also download its trial version to scan project code and report errors.
Simple to use for programmers
Paltry PVS Log Analyzer enables you to search within and navigate through log file with ease. The application is ready to be used by every average developer as it does not require any special skills and is easy to understand for beginners.

12. Zim Log


System Requirements:

DirectX 12 compatible graphic card required.
1-2 CPU cores required for at least i5 and i7 models
4 GB RAM minimum
Minimum 1GB video memory for DWM overlay
512 MB graphic memory
Windows 7/8 or Windows 10
3D audio card
Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update or later installed
1080p/1440p, 720p/1280p and 480p are supported
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. (