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Microbacterium maritypicola is a Gram-positive, aerobic, non-motile bacterium from the genus of Microbacterium which has been isolated from the gut of the Afrotropical tortoise Geochelone pardalis from Zimbabwe.


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Type strain of Microbacterium maritypicola at BacDive – the Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase

Category:Bacteria described in 2013
Category:MicrococcineaeThe present invention relates to a process for recording written, typewritten and machine-printed text and to a recording device for the recording process, whereby, in particular, the text from a typewriter or teletype machine is recorded.
Recording systems of the aforementioned kind are known from various publications. Thus, U.S. Pat. No. 5,247,225 discloses a method and a device for recording written, typewritten and machine-printed text by means of a digital machine, whereby a paper with a recording medium, in particular, a coated paper, is provided in the digital machine. The text or data are transferred from the digital machine to the paper by means of a transfer device. A print station is connected with the paper advance device. The paper is transported between the print station and the transfer device. In the transfer device, the digital machine is connected to the print station in order to transfer the data stored in the digital machine to the paper. The print station has a print unit, which is connected to a computer. The computer is connected to a decoding device, which is connected to a word memory. The paper advance device is connected to a decoding means. The word memory is linked to the word memory of the decoding means, so that the paper advance device can supply data to the word memory. The print station is linked to the decoding means. After the transfer of the data stored in the digital machine to the paper, the paper is transported between the print station and the transfer device, whereby the print station prints out the text, which has


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Transfer Your ICES – ICHAN Product Registration – ICHAN – About Us – Contact Us – Partners – Jobs. X431 Pro3 Wifi WebDiag EasyMaster EasyDiag 3.6 X-diag – Only for X431 ( IDIAG – Assigned by ICHAN) ».
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